Town at the end of the terrorist trails

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By Duncan Gardham

12:01AM BST 02 May 2007

All roads in terrorism investigations seem to lead to Luton.

The five fertiliser bombers convicted on Monday may have been based in Crawley but it was the Bedfordshire town where they made contact with al-Qa’eda.

The July 7 bombers, based in West Yorkshire, met in Luton on the day of the attacks in 2005, abandoning their cars at the station to catch the train south.

Not far north of Luton on the M1 is Toddington service station where, on two occasions 17 months earlier, leaders of the two groups met – watched by MI5.

Both leaders knew the “middle-man”, Mohammed Quayam Khan, or “Q” to his associates, who was allegedly in touch with al-Qa’eda and helped them get to a training camp in Pakistan.

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4 Replies to “Town at the end of the terrorist trails”

  1. Is it no wonder that Luton is the birthplace of the EDL? Don’t forget too that the Bedfordshire police are amongst the dhimmest is the country.

  2. This mess is coming to a head, the current situation is going to change in the near future, and probably violently, history tells us that people will tolerate a lot but a government letting foreigners take over the nation is not one of the things they will tolerate. The more the government supports the foreigners the worse the reaction.

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