University students quit after ‘toxic’ antisemitism in Edinburgh

In classic JC.Com fashion, there is a total sanitation of who is creating these problems. There is not one mention of who is doing these acts or what specifically these acts are which are causing the Jewish students to leave. Why? Likely because JC.Com values its leftist stance over its concern for Jewish students. It manifests this by persisting in the delusion that Islam and Muslims are not part of the equation of the resurgence of antisemitism in Europe.

Shame on them.

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The JC.Com

‘Toxic’ atmosphere over middle-east leads students to curtail their degrees

Diplomat Ishmael Khaldi, centre in blue shirt, at his disrupted Edinburgh University address last FebruaryDiplomat Ishmael Khaldi, centre in blue shirt, at his disrupted Edinburgh University address last February

Anti-Israel incidents at Scottish universities have contributed to Jewish students quitting their courses in despair, it was claimed this week.

Attacks have created a “toxic atmosphere” in which Jewish students no longer feel comfortable, a delegation of community representatives told senior Edinburgh University officials.

Among those who felt the need to leave was a former Edinburgh Jewish Society chair who dropped out of his course to study abroad, partly because of the fall-out from an incident in which Ishmael Khaldi, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s most senior Muslim diplomat, was mobbed as he spoke at the university in February last year.

That incident also allegedly affected a Jewish postgraduate student so severely that she was forced to seek an extension for her dissertation before cancelling an option to continue studying in Scotland. She also left for a different course elsewhere in Europe.

In the most recent incident at Edinburgh, in October, an address by Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub was disrupted by chanting students waving Palestinian flags.

The JC understands that the stress of responding to anti-Israel attacks and campaigns has divided the university’s JSoc, with some members so apprehensive about the issue that a separate group has now been formed solely to handle matters relating to Israel.

One source said JSoc had been “decimated by these events” with Jewish students left “arguing with each other” and “scared” to defend Israel on campus.

The claims emerged after representatives of the Jewish community met university officers last week to discuss their concerns.

Members of Scottish Jewish Student Chaplaincy and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities told the university bosses that Jewish students had felt it necessary to “hide their Jewish identity due to the hostile atmosphere at Edinburgh” and were now seeking “secure and safe” space on campus.

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2 Replies to “University students quit after ‘toxic’ antisemitism in Edinburgh”

  1. This may sound extreme and conspiratorial, but the JC is in bed with jihadists. I have seen photos taken at JC/BBOD dos where they are sitting with prominent British mozlems. As you are aware, there are never any public statements from the so-called primary Jewish institutions of the UK, the British Board of Deputies, the JC and, unfortunately, the Israeli Embasssy in London, regarding these sort of attacks. There is just silence or at best a muted shuffling of feet.
    These photos are no longer available on the JC internet archive, they have removed them all.
    The Romans were right; there be savages up there, a nice big wall is the best thing to keep them in.

  2. Cassandra can you try google cache and see if you can find those pics? I will post them if you can. You might have names and enough information to dredge them up on google cache and I think they deserve to be exposed. Its one thing to apologize and admit a mistake. A cover up is another thing altogether.

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