Anderlecht [Brussels]: Clash during swearing-in of Islam list alderman

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

From RTL.Be

A protest was launched after the swearing-in of Redouane Ahrough, elected alderman for the Islam list at Anderlecht, around 7.30 pm on Sunday. ‘It’s the extreme right who express themselves, who do not swallow that we are integrated’, replied M Ahrough, after the incident.

Monday evening, the swearing-in of one of the two elected aldermen of the Islam list was disturbed. David Erzet, president of the Nonali association, an association that simply advocates the banning of the Islamic religion, rose at the end of the ceremony, in order to declare that it was illegal and anti-democratic to tolerate an alderman who ‘wants to install sharia in Belgium’. He was accompanied by Alain Wagner, president of ICLA France.

‘You have seen where the extremists are’, reacted alderman Redouane Ahrough, interviewed by our journalist Vanessa Costanzo. ‘We, we are loyalists. But some people want to be above the law. It’s the extreme right-wing who express themselves. We have been insulted for 30 years, we the 2nd and 3rd generation of Belgians. Today, they don’t manage to swallow that we are integrated, and that we quite simply will work democratically within the political system.’

Mischaël Modrikamen, the president of the Parti Populaire (PP), and five to seven members of the extreme right-wing movement Nation were present during the swearing-in of Redouane Ahrough at Anderlecht, but did not intervene.

The disrupters were rapidly removed from the hall of the municipal council.

In contrast, there were no disturbances at the swearing-in ceremony of Lhoucine Aït Jeddig in Molenbeek [Brussels], second alderman elected for the Islam list for Brussels capital.


All very interesting isn’t it? What with “far right wing” this and that. Even so, i must ask:

Why run a candidate democratically to install a theocratic totalitarian dictatorship?


Hermes sent us a link to their homepage.

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8 Replies to “Anderlecht [Brussels]: Clash during swearing-in of Islam list alderman”

  1. This is the country that my grandfathers bones, a soldier with the 82nd Airborne, rest on….and these people, the Belgians, are? the ungrateful, gut wrenching cowards who smear the excrement of muslims and islam on my families gift to the same, the gift of my grandfathers life who died wresting their miserable necks from the Nazi bootheel……look at how smug and confident this muslim politician is……he knows the cowardice and hypocrisy of his dhimmi’s know no bounds… fucking sick.

    It is my sincere wish that these Belgians, these spineless little worms suffer a thousand years of misery as slaves to muslims

    Watching their women raped and sodomized by grunting, drooling muslim masters

    Watching as their children are made sexual toys to be used at the leisure of the foul and vulgar muhammadans

    Watching their children grow into the shackles and yolks of islamic servitude…yokes and? shackles forged by their own parents

    Oh how I wish them all an eternity of deserved misery…..each and every single one of them

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Oh, I understand you. Just watching that this man, among all the white people there, was the only one (!) to raise his voice, and against the repeated commands of this mohammedan-obedient, servile lackay – probably the Anderlecht council’s president – ordering him to get out, made me sick.

  3. I now know the bitter rage that must have been felt by Flame and Citron as they watched some of their bureaucrats, their own countrymen, licking Nazi ass….watching their women spread their legs for their new Nazi masters…….I wonder how long it will be before this muslim politician is shot to death in the street?

    Wither the good and courageous men and women of Holger Danske?…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. ” Today, they don’t manage to swallow that we are integrated, and that we quite simply will work democratically within the political system”–

    Not integrated, not loyal. They are a state within the state, diligently working towards sharia implementation, for which they will kill and die.

    In a sane world, this is called treason, invasion, infiltration and subversion.

    But the western world is no longer sane.

  5. Don in 2001 I said that we would need to liberate Europe during this Century, looks more and more like I was right, unfortunately this time we will have to liberate ourselves before we can liberate them.

  6. Wow, it’s strange that so few are against this. These “politicians” from the Noor/Islam party are only interested in Sharia, which is incompatible with a modern state and an increased standard of living. Amputations, beheadings, gender segregation and extreme harassment of many groups will surely lead to societal conditions that mimic 7th century middle east. If it was like, “Sure, it will be hard to swallow for some, but everyone understands that this is needed to create the next HIV and cancer vaccines and to really prioritize the space industry”, then I could understand why some were hesitant about this. But in a purely cynical sense, this will plummet development in society. I read in a leading danish newspaper an open article saying that we can just look to the societies that these people come from to see how extremely unattractive they are. And it’s true. Nobel Price inventions are not made in sharia-based societies, period. They are mostly fixated on whether you are supposed to wear your hat tilted to the left or right, and kill each other for disagreements on it (just look at the Shia- Sunni wars in Iraq).

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