No More Tax Funds from Israel to PA

Israel National News:

Israel has decided to withhold taxes collected for the Palestinian Authority that were to be transferred later in the month.

By Chana Ya’ar

First Publish: 12/2/2012, 12:03 PM


Yuval Steinitz

Yuval Steinitz
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israel has decided to withhold taxes collected for the Palestinian Authority that were to be transferred later in the month. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz made the announcement Sunday morning at the weekly government Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

The move is being made in response to the United Nations vote to approve a new status for the PA as a nonmember observer state — in effect, recognizing the PA as a de facto sovereign state. It allows the PA access to numerous U.N. agencies, and to the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

“This was a Palestinian provocation and an attempt to advance their state without recognizing Israel,” Steinitz said. “We said it would not pass quietly,” he reminded.

Steinitz said the funds would be used instead “to offset the PA’s electricity debts.”  Gaza derives at least 40 percent of its power from the Israeli electricity grid; the PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria derive 100 percent of their electricity from Israel.

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7 Replies to “No More Tax Funds from Israel to PA”

  1. GO ISRAEL ! Why do they assist those who want to eradicate them! I congratulate Canada for having the courage to swim against the effluent that comes out of the UN – an organisation which has nothing in common any more with the noble aims of its founders. It should not only be disbanded, but indicted for facilitating (even encouraging) human rights violations!

  2. @Rita, well said. A new organization of non-totalitarian nations to replace the OIC-dominated US must be formed and what was the UN can be moved to Riyadh or better yet Tehran.

  3. Why they keep the power and electricity going to that PA shithole is beyond me. Id just shut that fucker off and be done with it.

    As for the UN, the best thing that could happen would be for a cruse missle to be flown into it. As far as Im concerned, they’re a hostile foreign entity occupying US soil.

  4. What…? Israel supplies electricity to Gaza… but, but I thought that Israel was a Nazi nation intent on terrorising and starving the non-Jew.

    Of course, just as expected, the mainly Muslim Palestinians do what they do best, they sponge off the infidel, and expect the infidel to give generously and unconditionally, whilst, of course, providing nothing but hatred in return.
    Is it surprising then that the Palestinians are behind with their ‘electricity bill’?
    Israel have nothing to lose here. They are hated anyway, and accused of crimes that they haven’t committed. They may as well go for it and cut off the Palestinian supplies altogether. Who would blame them? They should give Gaza nothing, the ungrateful wretches that they are. They should cut off all supplies to Gaza forthwith – food, medical aid, the lot.
    People think that the ‘poor’ Gazans are starving anyway, so Israel cannot possibly be blamed anymore than they are already!

  5. Ya if the UN loves these living anti jew weapons so much let them supply the electricity. It can come from the UNHRC and UNRWA funds.

    Or to cut thru all the bullpucky just send the bill to Egypt. Both the PA and Hamas are proxies for Egypt and it’s nothing but a sick farce to pretend they Aren’t.

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