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11 Replies to “Egyptian judges in harsh disagreement Nov 24 2012”

  1. Were they disagreeing with Morsi declaring himself Egypts next Pharoah. Egypt is looking more like Iran since the Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood took power. Meanwhile like during the Iranian demonstrations, Obama once again remains quiet. But then Obama wants to be the next Dictator of America.

  2. Clashes erupt again in Cairo

    New clashes erupted in Cairo Sunday between Egyptian security forces and protesters opposing President Mohamed Morsi for granting himself new powers.

    Hundreds of protesters were in Tahrir Square, where tents had been set up since Morsi issued a decree last week.

    Police fired tear gas to break up protests, CBS News reported.

    Morsi declared the courts could not overturn any decree or law issued by him since taking office and said the order would remain in effect until a new constitution is completed.


  3. Egypt is starting a new version of the Arab Spring, one that will get worse as food shortages start to hit, they import the vast majority of their food and don’t have enough money to buy it, then the grain crisis caused by the drought are about to start. We can expect to see riots in many places as food gets scarce.

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