Dubai court JAILS British woman and Irishman for three months for ‘back-of-taxi tryst’ – despite DNA evidence proving they DIDN’T have sex

Daily Mail:

  • Rebecca Blake was a £100,000-a-year recruitment consultant while Conor McRedmond is a welder
  • Pair will be deported after serving three month jail term
  • Taxi driver and police officer claim couple were having sex in taxi, according to police reports
  • Couple deny having naked sex and police forensic reports are negative

By Jill Reilly

PUBLISHED: 06:21 EST, 22 November 2012 | UPDATED: 08:32 EST, 22 November 2012

A British businesswoman and an Irish man accused of engaging in sexual activities in a Dubai taxi have been jailed.

Rebecca Blake, a £100,000-a-year recruitment consultant, is accused of stripping naked in the back of a Dubai cab and writhing on top of Conor McRedmond.

The conviction came despite DNA tests to show evidence of intercourse coming back negative.

The pair pleaded not guilty to charges of having consensual sex and indecency, which related to stripping off in public, but were convicted on both counts and ordered to serve a total of three months in prison before being deported.

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3 Replies to “Dubai court JAILS British woman and Irishman for three months for ‘back-of-taxi tryst’ – despite DNA evidence proving they DIDN’T have sex”

  1. If non-Muslims are required to be chaste, Muslims seem to think that non-Muslims should have large families, as chastity and large families are related. This is very weird. If non-Muslims are required to have large families, and therefore, abstain from abortions (chastity and no abortions are again related), abortion among non-Muslims is worse than the “suffering of the Palestinian people”. Oddly, abortion clinics in the West are NEVER bombed by Muslims. If Muslims don’t give answers for this, they may give answers after death to God. The consequences are theirs.

  2. A DNA test if you please! What about the 4 male witnesses ? Could they not even come up with four peeping toms to testify against this couple?. But to be fair, when in Roman …… The lady should have worn a burka and automatically became one of their clothes bangers. Apparently, it is very empowering. This is how it works: ME see you but You no see ME. Watch out Big Sista is about! The lady would have then get away with anything, the possibilities for chaos were limitless. No use holding an identity parade, it would have been about as much use to the police as smiling at them. So she could have done things to really drive the Toms off the rails or at least off the streets for good. Nothing nasty mind, one must always be nice to their oppressors, it is a sunnah in Islam otherwise known as tolerance back home in the UK! Thanks- Bart!

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