Breaking: There will be a new trial in the Netherlands on blasphemy of Islam

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Posted by Joost Niemöller on November 14, 2012 – 11:29

A boy who made statements about Islam on Dutch TV, will on 28 November stand in front of the Amsterdam judge.

Over two years ago, on 12 September 2010, the VPRO Holland Doc broadcasted a program about Geert Wilders about his film Fitna: Wilders, the movie. Wilders himself did not participate in the documentary. But there were other people on the floor, including Robert de Jonge, who in the program was presented as a Wilders supporter. In the documentary Robert de Jonge produced heavy critical statements about Islam. But, unlike Wilders, he said hard statements about Muslims too.

The editors of De Dagelijkse Standaard were able to inspect the minutes and from there with the following details.

On 11 September 2011 it was reported against Robert de Jong, by a Moroccan-Dutch boy because, in his own words, he felt “deeply offended”. It would constitute offenses against the now familiar Articles 137 concerning defamation and discrimination against groups, Article 262 and 266 about slander, and the ‘hate speech ban.’
Also Geert Wilders was on trial for these items. But Wilders was eventually acquitted. An important argument in his defense was that Wilders is fiercely critical in his statements about Islam, but not about Muslims.

With Robert de Jonge the latter is otherwise. The statements for which De Jonge has to stand are the following, which he did in the documentary Wilders, the movie. His judgments are in the documentary into four fragments that all will be raised.

“Yes, Islam is a danger to the world. They want to conquer the whole world by … they say themselves: the wombs of our women we will conquer Europe. So they make … yes, they’re constantly growing jihadis , so more children, more children and more children and more women from the Rif here to come for more childbearing. they just want to make sure they are in the majority, so they … so they can play the boss and that is a real danger and yes I can see that. ”

“Yes, just as a question: will anyone miss the Muslims when they were suddenly all gone, then I think all the answer will be no, because yes they add nothing to society. It’s really the Muslims who continuously whine and moan … and want special rights. … And imagine when they all would not, then there would be nothing wrong. Anyway they do it and that’s the problem. ”

“Yes, I am a member of a Forum of The Jewish Task Force. Yeah, I got in touch with those people. Yeah, they create political awareness for a real right voice … yeah … that tells not compromised the truth about Islam. ‘

“Here,” Geert Akbar”, which means “Geert is greater.” What I really means that Geert is greater than Muhammad, the childfucker. And Geert is greater than Allah, the crescent demon. … And as everyone knows  Arabs are avid assfuckers. And they fuck little boys, that’s normal in their culture.”

As I said, these are statements that went beyond what was once in the trial against Geert Wilders. It therefore appears that the prosecution thinks to see here a chance for a conviction.

In the interview with the police report said Robert de Jonge about his political views that he agrees with Wilders. He also stated to have no problems with immigrants. He said that against his will statements by him appeared in the documentary, fragmented in Youtube clips, but he could do nothing. Robert de Jonge also said to be convinced that the person who filed the complaint against him was not hurt, but just wanted to silence him.

Furthermore, he said that his statements were not referring to all Muslims. That it is not a call for hate, but a starting point for Muslims to reflect on themselves.

According to Robert de Jonge in the documentary with the statement about the “assfuckers,’ part was cut by the filmmaker, where he spoke about the Kaaba. He emphasized that pedophilia is common in the Muslim culture.

Upon questioning Robert de Jonge handed photos of a mass marriage of adult men with little girls.

The pre-trial preparation of the case will take place on November 28 at Parnassusweg in Amsterdam. Same place where the trial against Geert Wilders took place.

The TV documentary in which Robert Young takes the floor, you can see in this link. It is the fragment between minute 45 and minute 49.

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11 Replies to “Breaking: There will be a new trial in the Netherlands on blasphemy of Islam”

  1. Jewish Task Force is very important. They should help their buddy in the Netherlands.
    Tomorrow, the Dutch Left is holding a meeting how they should respond to Golden Dawn:
    Deze antifascisten zijn in de nacht daarop op het politiebureau vernederd en ernstig mishandeld/gefolterd. Mensen zijn nachten wakker gehouden en gedwongen te blijven staan met het hoofd naar de muur, structureel geslagen, medische verzorging is hen ontzegt, gedwongen uit de WC te drinken, geslagen, stroomschokken gegeven, ga zo maar door. Inmiddels zijn zij allen op borgtocht van 3000 euro per persoon vrijgelaten, een enorm en exceptioneel bedrag.

    Daarbij doet zich naast de emotionele en financiële schade zich nog een derde probleem voor: de antifascisten zijn nu met naam en adres bekend bij de DELTA-politie. Hiermee lopen zij directe kans op huisbezoeken door hen, maar ook neo-nazi’s omdat deze zo nauw met elkaar verbonden zijn.

  2. EU approves 5.0 bn euro financial aid package to Egypt

    CAIRO — The European Union has approved a 5.0 billion euro ($6.4 billion) financial aid package to Egypt after its economy was battered by a 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak,

    EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton told a press conference in Cairo the Europeans would “provide additional loans and grants worth about 5 billion euros.”

    Two hundred million euros will be “immediately available” for budget support,

    The European Investment Bank will grant Egypt 2.0 billion euros and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development a further 2.0 billion euros, while EU countries will come up with 1.0 billion euros, the presidency said

    […]Egyptian Finance Minister Mumtaz Said said last week that Egypt may reach a loan deal with the International Monetary Fund next month for $4.5 billion, instead of the $4.8 that Cairo had hoped for.

  3. oogenhand – What the hell are the Dutch left going to do about Golden Dawn? Greece is a warzone. Are they really going to send in their AFA thugs to try and save the Muslims from discrimination? Laughable. It will serve them right if they get killed, thinking they can take on people not bound by a functioning government. I wouldn’t go anywhere near Greece.

    As for this show trial. Outrageous. My prayers go out to the guy taking on these multi-cultists. Wilders can hopefully give him some advice.

  4. The money these Eurocrats are handing over to the muslim brotherhood and similar unworthy causes has been picked from the unwilling pockets of hard working europeans who are bitterly resentful at the way our money is wasted.

    As for the free speech issue, I wish him well but there are ways of getting your point across without resorting to insults. It may be tempting to speak plainly and crudely when feelings run high, but we live in a world where enemies wait to pounce at the slightest excuse in order to silence dissent.

    The advice I’d give to anyone is, state your opposition to islam in strong but civilized terms and your enemies will find it hard to persecute you

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