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9 Replies to “More proof that journalism in the West is nothing more than propaganda.”

  1. OT – ALABAMA Muslim Imam ( referred as Local minister 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) arrested in vice operation


    A local minister was arrested with more than 30 others in a vice sting carried out by Birmingham Police this week.

    Dubbed “Operation Red Light,” undercover officers saturated the area of 1st Avenue North in the Woodlawn area.

    Tremon Muhammad, 36, was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. Muhammed is a minister with the Nation of Islam in Birmingham.

    His lawyer, Charles Salvagio, spoke to FOX6 News tonight, saying that something is “fishy” about the charges and arrests. He wouldn’t elaborate.


  2. They went after a leader of the French Resistance and shortly afterwards tried to knife Kevin, was there any coordination in the attacks or were they by two groups that aren’t talking to each other? If they were coordinated the Moslems are better organized then most of us think.

  3. Have you seen the Coughlin tapes? These guys get orders from Ikhwan central. They are amazingly organized. Like a football team using playbooks. There is little doubt that orders have come in to mosques in certain locations or perhaps all around the world to move to a more violent phase of crushing opposition to them instead of relying on our own political correctness and stupidity, which clearly is beginning to become less effective.

    This is moving from the Mecca phase to the Medina phase in the milestones process. This is very real and very dangerous. And the general public are going to find themselves like corralled horses caught between a burning barn and a burning abattoir.

  4. More and more female cab drivers for women

    And why??

    There is of course no mention of the rash of sexual assaults by Muslim taxi drivers, but in the modern media reading between the lines has become an increasingly important skill.

    Even in a licensed cab, there is often a niggle at the back of any female passenger’s mind: will I get home in one piece? While the vast majority of male taxi drivers are of course completely safe, many women simply feel less vulnerable with a female driver

    To understand the rise of female cabbies and female taxi firms in the UK, one need only look at stories like these.


  5. It was a rhetorical question, if the people commenting on this blog don’t know how organized the MB is they need to learn now. In many ways the Moslems are better organized then the Marxist were during the Cold war.

  6. said, “More proof that journalism in the West is nothing more than propaganda.”

    Bill Whittle has a great idea in my opinion to set up a separate system part of which I think would be great to have more Sun News programs for the west. (NOT Fox)

  7. During the cold war the Marxists had to stay in hiding because the populous didn’t like them.

    Islam doesn’t have to stay in hiding. It is easier for them to organize their resistance. They have one problem though. They seem inept if it wasn’t for the socialists backing them they would have nothing.

  8. After the invention of warfare that required discipline and training rather then relying on individual courage and skill the Moslems started having more trouble conquering their neighbors, then gunpowder weapons started dominating the battlefield and the Moslems started losing wars. Disciplined forces and always defeat undisciplined groups if the disciplined force is willing to kill enough people, in the war of shadows once again discipline is required and in the long run often decides the winners.

    OxAO said They seem inept if it wasn’t for the socialists backing them they would have nothing.

    Why do you think I keep harping on the left, Russia and to a lesser extent China. All three use the Moslems when it is to their advantage and all three will betray the Moslems when that is to their advantage.

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