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5 Replies to “Really amazing timing on that resignation”

  1. Dhimmi Hillary and Holder are also to step down. How this is allowed to keep them from being forced to testify is a complete abrogation of civic and criminal responsibilityas well as further (if that’s even possible) erosion of the public’s trust. What a disgrace.

  2. It isn’t about testifying, it is about giving the MSM a different scandal to put on the front page, this extramarital affair gives the MSM other then Libya to report. During the 1990s Bill Clinton bombed so many places to give the media something other then his scandals to report.

  3. good riddance to that piece of dung, he is a coward and would likely be shot in the back in battle,
    He is the stuffed pig who apologized to all the islamics over the koran burning, appeasing the barbaric savages, instead of simply saying, “in the USA, people have the right to do that type of thing, burn bibles, korans, whatever they choose, criticize religions gods, etc, …but with osama elected again, the harvard sevant and hero to hollywood, freedom to even criticize islam may change

    good bye and good riddance to the cowardly general

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