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13 Replies to “Paul Weston interviewed on Islam, the future of Europe, leftism in England and more”

  1. This is a brilliant interview by Paul Weston. He handled the muslim butt kisser very well. Paul,Tommy & Kevin are Britain’s last , best chance to survive with her original culture, values & freedoms intact. I hope the British people are still intelligent enough to realize that, If not, Britain is done.

    Does anyone know who the biased asshole is who did the interview? Which organization does he “represent”? Is he muslim or just a muslim butt kisser?

  2. OK can someone tell me who the mind twisted moron of an interviewer is?. When we take Britain back from the evil clutches of people like him, we can make him an offer he can’t refuse and send him to a wonderful third world/Islamic country so he can bask in the wonderful delights that he claims. He showed himself as the true face of a racist – he absolutely hates the white race with venom.

  3. What an ignoramus the interviewer was, but sadly typical of left wing idiots with little knowledge of Islam and the threat posed to western values and liberal democracy, yet they arrogantly scoff and deride those who are more aware, and have far greater knowledge than themselves and dismiss them as ‘far right extremists’.

    The center of gravity on the political spectrum has changed in the past few years yet these leftist idiots can’t see that what they call ‘far right extremism’ is actually middle ground consensus for a growing number of ordinary people.

    The far left is increasingly isolated and recognized as blinkered treasonous idiots programmed to bleat ‘racism’ in response to any views which challenge their own.

    Well done Mr Western, great interview and your calm replies exposed the idiot interviewer for the leftist buffoon he is.

  4. Weston cites the EHRC figures on UK Muslim unemployment incorrectly. They’re actually worse at 53% for men and 76% for women.

  5. The interviewer is a first class jerk. One day he’s going to get a festering Muslim dick up his ass and wonder what happened.
    I’m really sick of these ignorant Leftists believing that they have the moral high ground. Their smug little faces are going to be looking pretty sad in a few years when they realise just how incredibly stupid they have been.
    Paul Weston has done a good job here but unfortunately he’s debating with a buffoon, and it is incredibly difficult to reason with a buffoon.

  6. Kind of off-topic here, but whilst we’re on the subject of the Left versus the people (sort of):

    If you read any news article that’s biased towards the Left, try and read the comments section. Here is an example of an anti-Romney pro-Obama report.


    What’s interesting though are the comments. It looks as if more and more ordinary people are waking up to the horrors of Leftist politics.

    In a way this just goes to show, how out-of-touch the Liberal media are with the people. If you ever come across a biased article again, find out what the people are saying, not the reporters. Of course this won’t always apply, as Leftist columns are often read by Leftist readers, but it seems to apply to mainstream news outlets, or at least outlets that are supposed to be mainstream.

  7. Softly Bob:

    I find for exactly the reasons you state, leftist columnists and of course, Muslim ones tend to disable comments more and more often. Reason is not afraid of opposing points of view. So I rarely delete any comments for example, on this site and when I do, usually it is people in agreement with ‘us’ but so extreme it is problematic.

    However leftism and Islam cannot tolerate scrutiny as neither is about truth but about enforcement. They therefore, need to broadcast and not receive.

  8. “Okay, moving on from islam…’said the interviewer. He had to because he knew absolutely NOTHING about islam! Bravo to Paul Weston that the did not lose his temper and tell the interviewer that he was an a__hole! Super!!

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