Farewell Sofielund – here I saw a man being shot dead

Below, an open letter from a Malmo politician who has left the city to go live in the country to protect his daughter. Basically, 100% what Fjordman predicted the general trend would be in Europe over time for non-Muslims.

There is no link as it was a letter in a Swedish newspaper. But here is a scan of it courtesy of Snaphanen.Dk

Translated by Michael Laudahn:

Farewell, my old, beloved Sofielund. Farewell Mˆllan, where I played as a boy, and where I took my first steps into adult life. Farewell, exciting east Malmˆ, with all its fine restaurants and other shops offering good prices. I also say farewell to shootings, graffiti and gross damages.

During my 15 years as a neighbour to Seved, I became an eye witness to a man’s final steps in life, after he was shot in the head. My living room window was smashed twice, and I was burgled once. I have heard so many shots fired that I can tell if it was a pistol or a revolver. Additionally, we saw how drug trafficking came ever closer to my street, and then to happen quite in the open in my street, after police had introduced camera surveillance. Only recently, teargas was shot into an appartment, because the fest celebrated was too noisy.

That my move lies back less than two months feels somewhat surrealistic. After a seven-minute car drive from the Seved chaos, there is a totally different Malmˆ. I do understand that other politicians have problems to comprehend the Seved problems, if they live in an area as I do now.

Of course, you can consider my move a cowardly act and think I should have stayed, to fight for a better east Malmˆ. All those who know my political actions do know that I always have fought for lifting up Sofielund and Seved, but none of the politicians responsible listened, and now we harvest the crop. At the same time, I refuse to risk my daughter, in order to prove a point. When my beloved daughter was five years old, she could swim 500 metres in a row, but she could not ride a bicycle. Where in this area should we let her ride a bike?

Now, we just open the door, and she runs outside like a whirlwind, to visit some of the friends she made here. Thus farewell, east Malmˆ. I continue to work for you, but can no longer live inside you.
John Roslund (M)
Deputy ¶ Municipal council


AVPixlat covered this here as well:

M politician fleeing Malmˆ housing area exposed to crime

Moderata Samlingspartiet  , presided by prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt
SOCIETY’S DEVELOPMENT: John Roslund, moderat deputy in Malmˆ municipal council, is fed up with the criminal immigrant gangs destryoing the Seved housing area through their drug trafficking, assaults, robberies, arson, threats, violence, shootings, arms handling etc.

Roslund, who has for long lived near Seved and close to Mˆllan [MˆllevÂngen,], has now moved to a significantly calmer neighbourhood outside Malmˆ. The text [of his newspaper article] appeared recently in Kv‰llsposten, according to readers from Scania. Thanks to Merit Wager for the scanned version.

Deep inside, Roslund probably wants to shout out his disgust about all those criminal immigrant gangs, but this would be political suicide. Instead, he beats around the bush. In 2010, he and some other Malmˆ Moderater were exposed to blowtorches by politically correct leftist media. The Moderater had then written a statement in Fosie’s municipal council, where they worded it as follows:

‘Gypsies are far from being the only group in world history who were persecuted. […] We in the Fosie Moderater group think we must begin to expose gypsies to demands as we do to anyone else in Sweden. […] We need to end pampering this ethnic group.’

This statement followed two attention-calling cases of procuration, where (among others) in one case hungarian gipsies abused a 14-year old gipsy girl, and in the other case some slightly older gipsy girls had acted, together with a 10-year old gipsy boy, as pimps for a 14-year old vulnerable gipsy girl, forcing her to sexual services with many men. In this last case, the gipsy girls lived in Malmˆ’s Fosie district.

The leftist media had a free play about Roslund’s terms ‘gipsies’ and ‘pamper’. Likewise, S  fat cat Ilmar Reepalu  started attacking, together with Romska Kulturcentret, which meant that John Roslund had to make a poodle, as well as distance himself from the wording.


THanks Michael Laudahn for all the work.




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6 Replies to “Farewell Sofielund – here I saw a man being shot dead”

  1. Gutless coward. YOU brought these people to infest your country and now you lament that they aren’t civilized and you FLEE? Sounds like Detroit. What will you do, pray tell, when they decide to move into your peaceful little villages and start the same war there? Oh wait, never mind! That’s what your government is doing NOW! Enjoy the scenery…while it lasts, chump.

  2. Is moving away from Muslims a hate crime in Sweden yet?

    I read the Local of Sweden on a regular basis. Been banned from posting. They are aware that the nation is highly introverted and they lash themselves for not doing enough to welcome the new comers. Very uptight nation. Living in denial.

  3. Given time the Swedes will react like the French, the ordinary people will start fighting back, however they probably won’t do it while there is time for peaceful demonstrations to work. Of course it that time isn’t already up it is close to being up.

  4. Bl@ckbird:

    I would guess that not moving away if they want you too is also a hate crime if you look at how ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims is done in every city in the Western world right now.

  5. My neighbor is Swedish. A better neighbor I could not ask for. But. He cringes. Cringes at certain topics. I thought it was just him, but this seems to be a trait among men in Sweden.

  6. Poor delusional idiot! Does he really think the muzzies will keep to Malmo and not branch out? We have lots of Canadians too who think exactly like him.
    One area in Toronto which used to be 90% non-Muslim just a little over a decade ago (Thorncliff, East York) is now home to more than 50% Muslims because the non-Muslims are escaping from that area. Come the next Federal Elections an NDP Muslim candidate who lost the last election, will not be a loser again.
    This is how entire countries are taken over. Baby steps…. slow and steady. They are the turtles who will ultimately win the race. We are the cock-sure hares destined to fail because we think nobody can be smarter than us.

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