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6 Replies to “Australian MSM does quite fair report on Australia’s Q-Society”

  1. Q-Society is on the right path (no pun intended) and should get all the support they need to achieve their goal and eradicate this parasidic cancer (Islam)

  2. More power to Q Society – we support you wholeheartedly. Out with Islam and let us once again become the Country we once were……tolerant of all moderate religions but never the cult of Islam.

  3. I belong to the Q Society. A more humane and reasonable group of concerned citizens you would not find. All religions and political views are welcome as long as they share the goal of stopping Islamification of the West. Islam is a retrograde and oppressive ideology with a religious veneer to fool the unwary. 60 verses in the Koran command adherents to kill or maim unbelievers and apostates. It does not belong in the 21st century.

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