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17 Replies to “For the love of Thor Zeus and Amon Ra, someone please tell me this is hysterical paranoid and unfounded nonsense. Please”

  1. This is hysterical paranoid and unfounded nonsense……

    Well, you did say please!

    I know, I’m sorry, but the World is so upside down that I don’t know how to react anymore.
    You do know that Obama will get away with this, don’t you? Well, at least for now; at least long enough for him to stay in the White House. This is because sanity has departed the Earth. Leftists, cowards, dullards, and ignoramuses rule at the moment. I don’t believe for one minute that Barack won’t survive a second term. Please prove me wrong. and tell me that you told me so. I would love to be wrong and be humiliated in defeat, but I don’t believe that I am wrong. I think Obama will be President next year.
    We will win this war, but not yet. The circus is in full swing and the clowns are still in the middle of their act. We can’t interrupt it, we just have to wait for it to finish. Obama will be dead meat at some point in the future, but unfortunately the hunters are still watching the show.
    It’s very bad news, I’m afraid. Obama has still got some time left, and he will cause a lot more damage. There’s no easy way out. Things will get worse before they get better, but we won’t lose, in fact we are destined to win.
    More bad news though, when we do win,it will be a Pyrrhic victory. Expect huge casualties. Things have gone too far and the people have left it too late for a peaceful solution.
    This is the dawn of World War Three, but not everyone realises it yet!

  2. More proof that the liar-in-chief is also a traitor-in-chief, not fit for the office of POTUS which he continues to infect with his communist/marxist/islamist belief system that goes against everything America stands for. It’s time to to put a stop to the infiltration of the government by the traitors & colonists in the Muslim Brotherhood which Barry enables & supports.

    Bring on the trials for impeachment, sedition & treason and then execute all involved. It’s time to send a very clear message to all traitors that the good people of the USA will NOT tolerate being manipulated & lied to. They will NOT tolerate sedition or treason from anyone, especially their “elected” officials, but particularly the highest office in the country , if not the world.

    It’s time for the deluded, the willfully blind, the stupid and the complicit to make a final choice about which side they choose and to do it wisely because when the wrath of the people begins there will be no place to hide.

  3. This isn’t surprising. The administration is Marxist. They are Chicago. All criminals. Valerie Jarrett was a slumlord, so was Barry. Rezko is in jail. They all need to go to jail. People do care about this. They will when they pull the lever.

  4. Close – the only piece missing from Glenn’s scenario is this:

    It was NOT ‘something went wrong with the gun running deal’.

    What happened was the KIDNAPPING OF STEVEN’S WAS PLANNED BY the JIHADIST USURPER – (and now we know it was with the aid of that Turkish Ambassador) – for the big ‘October Surprise o-feuhrer to the rescue BullShit’.


    Due to ‘agents in place’ who actually DID fight against the bastards that obama was conspiring with.

    If everything had gone according to plan – the ‘Feb 17 Martyr’s Brigade’ terrorists would have been the ONLY protection for Steven’s – and they had ‘already been taken care of’ via prior ‘communication’ – ie. they knew what was going to happen – and already knew to gtf out of the way.

    The question sane people would ask would be – Are you INSANE – If gun running was going on WHY WOULD THE JIHADIST RISK EXPOSING IT ?

    Simple. NO RISK. Steven’s was UP TO HIS NECK IN TREASON – and, although he had NO IDEA of the ‘kidnapping’ plan – there would be absolutely NO POSSIBILITY of him speaking or ‘leaking’ something that would expose THE KIDNAPPING, much less the gun running, after the ‘rescue’ had happened.

    If it had been ANYBODY OTHER THAN STEVENS (another Ambassador) – there would be WAY TOO MUCH OF A RISK that they would see through the sham of the kidnapping, and expose the treasonous bastard in the White House.

    Glennn is ALMOST THERE

  5. This is the dawn of World War Three, but not everyone realises it yet!

    World War Three started on 9/11. However, this was just visible evidence of a continuing war.

    1. The Jihad never ceased.

    2. The Crusades never ceased, despite all denials from Western leaders.

    In fact, I don’t see the Jihad ever stopping, and even if it did, the Crusades will not stop.

    What we have are two very distinct patters of life and behaviour, both insisting that they have to be the only one on the planet. So far, or since early 1800, we have been winning hands down, all over the world, including the Islamic world. But there are some in the Islamic world who are now resisting the Western juggernaut, and they do so by terrorism. Terrorism is merely a manifestation of defeat, as the losers strike out by turning over tables – bad manners. Even here, in bad manners, we are far more adept at turning over tables – Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. So its lose lose again.

    There is no reason to be pessimistic. We are winning – Islam will have to accept dhimmi
    status, one way or other. As Islam is a militaristic religion, a dhimmi status will sound its death knell.

    Whatever you think of Obama does not matter. The policy was set long ago. All Western nations are following the global same script. Obama may make small changes, but he is just as much a bystander in the unfolding drama.

  6. Whatever you think of Obama does not matter. The policy was set long ago. All Western nations are following the same global script. Obama may make small changes, but he is just as much a bystander in the unfolding drama.

  7. Jihad started with Mohamed, piss be upon him, and hasn’t stopped since. Currently the evil of Islam is gaining ground. In Africa through force, in Europe and the Americas through immigration and conversion. This isn’t because the Western branch of Islam is more peaceful, it is because they aren’t strong enough in the West. When they’re strong enough we will have The full experience of Jihad in our towns.

  8. As I scroll down through to review the threads today, the idea of parallel societies as in Berlin (newer thread above), note the irony of Obama’s behavior w/regard to the Muslim world resembles that of the Berlin peace keeper.

  9. Eeyore, Bob according to Bolton and Claire Lopaz someone in a very high position had to order the US forces to stand down and not rescue the people in Libya. According to the time line given. we knew within an hour that they were under attack, we could have had F18s and Spooky on scene in less then an hour and a rapid response team with boots on the ground in 1 to 2 hours after the planes arrived.

    We didn’t do this, the only reason for us not responding rapidly and forcibly is that a high ranking official ordered us to stand down.

  10. There is no comparison between the very real Jihad against the world and the nonexistent fanciful imagination of any current or past crusade against Mohammedanism during the past 300 years.

    Any Western dominance or power over Mohammedan areas is purely coincidental to and a product of Western superiority without respect to any ‘crusade’ against any other culture or religion.
    If the roles were ever reversed as far as power and technology goes, the West would be immediately and ruthlessly conquered and forcibly converted with extreme prejudice by the Mohammedan world . To believe otherwise belies a serious miscalculation of reality and will lead to equally serious consequences.

  11. Monkey Trots:

    That is an interesting possibility

    On Rush today he was pointing out that Obama is big on gun running he did this in the US and then in Benghazi then though Syria. Russia reported just before the attacks in Benghazi that the weapons in Syria were US made so this could have been an organized Syrian attack on the embassy and Obama didn’t want the gun running information out so he let them die.

    Either way I do not understand and what puzzle’s me is why General Petraeus watched our people die. Generals make the absolute final decision when it come to the safety of his men not the president. I understand the president told him to stand down but he has a hire responsibility then the president

  12. General Petraeus has signed on to ending of don’t ask, don’t tell and has supported most of the cuts that Obama has ordered. I say most because I don’ t know that he supported all so am covering my self.

  13. OxAO –

    OxAO – There can be only one reason for General Patraaus standing by – and that was because he was ordered by HIS Commander-in-Chief to stand down. An office is REQUIRED to disobey illegal orders, and will be held criminally responsible if he does not do so. HOWEVER, if the orders ARE determined to have been legal, that officer will spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth.

    I view the ROE in Afghanistan to be criminal. NOBODY in the Pentagon has refused to obey those orders – yet they have resulted in a SIX FOLD INCREASE in casualty rate in Afghanistan.
    The person who gave those orders, obama, should be indicted and tried for criminally negligent homicide. It is nothing less than that.

    There HAS been one General who directly exposed Obama, and stood against him. That General was ‘relieved of command’. Does anybody remember who he was – and how exactly he had opposed obama ? We need a whole lot more that are willing to do that.

    Did you notice the ‘missing ballots’ today for our Soldiers in Afghanistan ? No surprise there. None at all.

  14. If the US is to remain free we have to nail down who gave the order, and order that in my opinion was illegal, everyone involved should be held criminally responsible. If no action is take besides voting against Obama we have lost our freedom, the only question remaining will be how long will it take for the politicians to take it from us.

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