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8 Replies to “A sort of parallel law is in operation in Germany…”

  1. It’s always the same with them, they import their 7th century clan culture with them and expect to found their ” own cities”, governed by 7th century clan culture on the property belonging to other countries. All non-muslim countries must put an immediate stop to muslim immigration & deport any who refuse to integrate & accept their host country’s culture. The solution to the need for so-called “peacemakers” is that muslims stay contained in the middle east in their own 7th century hovels, located on muslim property and practice their 7th century culture where it belongs.The day is coming when the good people will revolt and put a stop to all of this. The question is when?

  2. The German government is moving on the anti-jihad group, but the German news is showing the Moslems destroying German law, I wonder if the German government is no going to attack the rerporter?

  3. he had one good point and that is western law is too lenient.The jihadi guy in germany this week got 6 yrs for stabbing a policeman with intent.That’s crazy. Apart from that I laugh inside more and more at what is happening. I say it is akin to letting 200,000 germans into the UK during world war two. It would be obvious to say that not all those germans would be against your country but churchill still would not have allowed the chance that 1% of those let in would be SS.
    We have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan so what do we do? We let a load of them into the country. The intellect behind such decisions blow’s my mind.

  4. During WWII we were using common sense, now after 0 years of the left attacking us for interning Germans and Japanese during WWII the west is afraid to use common sense.

  5. Spot on Richard. Sadly Commonsense is dead – I have been retired for a number of years and have watched it slowly die. Still, I have always believed in reincarnation so – who knows?

  6. We are now discovering that the far left is more dangerous then the far right, unfortunately a whole lot of good people are going to have to die to preserve our freedom, if is is preserved.

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