Seneca III from The Christian Action Network footage

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my clip of excerpts from the footage that CAN shot in Europe this year. One of the people who was not included in that first clip was a man who writes under the handle, Seneca III.

‘Seneca III’, a retired physicist, had chosen to remain anonymous until now. But due to the arrests yesterday of Tommy and Paul Weston, both of which appear to be highly political in nature and smack of at least a degree of totalitarianism, he has chosen to reveal himself to the camera as the urgency and immediacy of the message grows exponentially over time.

This is the first interview with Seneca III on Camera.

Thank you again Christian Action Network for the footage. I am anxious to see the whole documentary when you get it done.

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  1. Every word is true, and yes though not as articulate as this gentleman, there are many who voice the same concerns in private but dare not voice them publicly due to the climate of fear induced by our own government and elites, and the useful idiots brainwashed to regard such views as racist.

    Heed the warning, your government will not help you, they will like ours in Europe be responsible for bringing this calamity about and expect you to stand mute, as your culture is replaced with a backward totalitarian ideology seeking to destroy your culture under the guise of religious freedom.

  2. Pay very close attention to the man, he is seeing the future a lot clearer them most, then prepare for a time when either the government turns oppressive or there is no government.

  3. Bayou C:

    I used the bulk of the clip I got from CAN. They likely have more and plan to release it with their full documentary. I was quite pleased to be able to do this much of him though, Quite a lucid thinker and speaker.

  4. I look forward to hearing more from this gentleman, too bad Britain didn’t have a few more of him. Unless cowards find the courage to speak up, islam will win.

  5. There are more then you realize, they either don’t have a way of getting their message out, or are not considered smart or rich enough to matter.

  6. Eeyore, thanks for this posting. He’s always had a way of conveying his insight that’s all encompassing of the genocidal threat that islam poses to the world.

    All the best!

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