Tommy Robinson Imprisoned With Hostile Muslims

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe in Canada and the US, rapists and sexual offenders go into their own wing for their own protection, do they not? Is it not the same in England?

From British Freedom:

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Tommy Robinson Imprisoned With Hostile Muslims

We have just heard that Tommy Robinson has been incarcerated in London’s Wandsworth Prison, sharing a cell with Muslims on a wing full of Muslims screaming death threats at him.

This is how the authorities react to those who try to warn Britain of the greatest threat to national peace and security since the Second World War.

The British Government is hereby forewarned that should any harm come to Tommy Robinson in prison, they will be held to account.

The Government has a duty of care to all prisoners, not to go out of their way to place them in potential danger for vindictive or political reasons.

British Freedom are actively seeking the advice of lawyers on this matter. Meanwhile, we invite all friends and supporters of Tommy Robinson to write your messages of friendship and support below; we will do our best to convey them to him to strengthen him in this difficult time.

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9 Replies to “Tommy Robinson Imprisoned With Hostile Muslims”

  1. Pray tell, on what charges did the authorities arrest Tommy? Are they holding him for an alleged crime? For how long? What legal redress is available to Tommy? Is there a legal fund set up to help him defray his legal costs? Can the public bring a class action against the authorities on his behalf?

  2. If this is really the case and Tommy has been forced to share cells with dangerous Muslims then this is a serious case of (deliberate?) neglect. Those responsible should one day be severely punished. This is disgusting.

  3. The authorities have stepped so far past their boundaries, past their legal mandate, they have stepped into the arena of tyranny and now wear the garb of fascists.

    They must know that should Tommy Robinson suffer physical harm Britain would meltdown overnight……

    But then perhaps I am wrong…..Britons have allowed the cancer of islam to eat into their country this far…..perhaps the reaction to Tommy Robinson’s death would be no more than a few rousing songs with hoisted pints and slaps on the backs down at the local pub……

    “Eh Johnny…….that old Tommy was a real man among men eh?!!…really stuck it to the muslims eh??!!….oh well Johnny, too bad old Tommy got shanked in prison……well mate, I’m off to see the missus….pick up some curry from Muhammad’s on the way home…..”

    What will they do now that they have surrendered all their rights and protections to the government?……who will help them now that they surrendered their weapons???

    They are now as lambs to the slaughter……and their blood will run rivers as the mocking, taunting laughter of the muslims rings in the ears of their widows and orphaned children……..rings in the ears of their widows as these wretched women are raped and sodomized by their new masters, their new islamic handlers…..rings in the ears of their orphaned children as they to suffer the sexual humiliation at the hands of their new owners, the drooling , leering muhammadans…..

    History is being rewritten once again….those of shortened memory now face to face with Germany in the 1930’s…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  4. To the Tower, for the queen, her son who eats tampons, the cracked cardinal of eyebrow horrors and the entire group of mps, along with municipal governments
    Those imbiciles

    Ahead by a century

    They/you, whomever, will never stop this movement

    We will never surrender to islamic psychopathy
    We love you heros Paul and ‘Tommy’
    Ahead by a Century

  5. I wonder who did the pressuring to put him there ? And it looks like anyone who goes anywhere the prison known to police as EDL or an associate is arrested. This a big attempt to keep the dhimmies quiet it also means that the EDL were getting too close to the truth. ……So much for being a free and democratic society

  6. Don I think you are right, this was a serious tactical mistake by the Brits. If any harm is done to Tommy he is the first British Martyr in the war of survival.

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