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9 Replies to “Graffiti in Rockliffe park 10 minutes ago”

  1. OT -Monday Oct 22nd – Army, gunmen trade fire in Beirut

    LEBANESE troops have deployed in Sunni areas of the capital as fresh sectarian violence erupted,

    Six people were wounded when the army made a pre-dawn sweep of Tariq Jdideh in pursuit of armed men, and automatic weapons and anti-tank rocket fire could be heard.

    In the afternoon, personnel carriers entered Beirut’s Sunni district of Tariq Jdideh, which had been a hotspot all day, and soldiers took up position on streets leading into it to keep them open, a military spokesman said.

    In Tripoli, a Sunni bastion where opposition to Assad is strong, seven people were killed and 12 wounded during clashes between Sunnis and Alawites, an offshoot of Shiite Islam to which the Syrian president belongs, security sources said.

    Two Alawites and five Sunnis died.






  2. According to Janny, Jeff and Shan……no Jewish connection here….just a couple of assholes with a can of paint.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Most certainly it is. But this is not the fist one of these sent to me from this area. My reason for posting it is it shows a shift in the culture. One never saw this a few years ago. now it is becoming nearly common.

  4. Here’s the rub Eeyore……

    In the last war our enemies lay across 5000 miles of ocean…..and whilst there were elements of fifth columnists in the form of the Japanese and Slavs in both wars, we were relatively insulated and relatively safe…..

    Not this time…..

    When Europe goes off, and it WILL GO OFF…..

    The muslims here in North America will most likely follow suit……if not in open confrontation then in rear-guard actions such as the destruction of essential infrastructure…..

    We badly need to revisit the strategies of WW2 and WW1 and plan for the arrest and internment and in some cases, deportation of a large number of muslims and their supporters whose sworn goal is the destruction of Canada and the USA….

    Whether it is Shinto and flying planes loaded with explosives into aircraft carriers in 1940 or Islam and flying passenger liners into skyscrapers in 2001….the result is the same……

    Effect a program of M.A.I.D


    Otherwise without this and the vigorous support of government in crushing islamic fascism we end up going it alone….and that may be a bit of an uphill battle…

    Oh by the way……the word in one of your posts regarding Generation Identitaire is that they consider their last action a success and assure us they made “thousands of contacts”…..I am eagerly awaiting their next action…….they mean business and certainly this sent shockwaves through the French government and muslim community…..

    It was long overdue….and eagerly received

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. Yes, it is a sign of the times and I for one resent what is being done to my culture. I do NOT support self-islamization or cultural suicide and despise those that support it. This will just get worse and our society will continue to deteriorate in direct proportion to the number of colonists allowed to immigrate..

    Write to your government representative and demand a moratorium on muslim immigration,NOW!

  6. It is a sign of the times, and a very scary one, one that may foreshadow the fall of civilization. Don has it right that we in North America will be hurt in this war, if not by bombers and missiles from overseas from fifth columnists already here.

    I am fearful for the survival of civilization, the US and Canada will survive in some form but the question is will they be a nation/nations that we want to live in. For a long time I have said that once this war blows up into a major war all nations will routinely do things that will currently send you to prison.

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