In the aftermath of the Poitiers mosque occupation…

Translation by Michael Laudahn:

From generation-identitaire

CommuniquÈ: ‘Since Poitiers, our appeal has been heard’

A little more than 48 hours after the beginning of our symbolic and peaceful occupation of the future grand mosque at Poitiers, we can draw a preliminary balance of our action.
Since Poitiers, our appeal has been heard! Most of all by the media, featuring reports on all major radio and tv stations, more than 250 articles in the regional and national press, and innumerable reprises on the internet. Then by the politicians responsible, from the most rancid extreme right-wing to the most stupid extreme left-wing, en passant by the grand [political] formations, all of them were thus forced to position themselves vis-‡-vis our action. And finally, it has been heard most of all by our people, something no-one can contest while observing how rapidly the social networks took up the issue, or the explosion of the number of visits of our launching video. We have received almost a thousand support messages, donations from all over the world, several hundred spontaneous [new] memberships via our website.

Our objectives were the following, and they have all been reached:

– Most of all, remind our fellow countrymen of the battle in the year 732  and the figure of Charles Martel, while they wanted to delete the personage ever more, in order to better falsify our memories and thereby facilitate the ongoing replacement of the popuation.

– Demonstrate the advancement of the islamisation of our country through this grand mosque – and its not minor minaret – in a place as symbolic as is Poitiers. For if the french only have a far-away souvenir of the 732 battle, for the moslems it happened yesterday! And constructing such a building in this city is in no way innocuous.

– Denounce the collaboration of our institutions with this islamisation at top-gear. A collaboration perfectly illustrated by the affected declarations made by the Poitiers mayor, the prefect, the delegate of the diocese, who all behaved towards the imam as if they already were vassals.

– Make comprehend that there exists a resistance against this collaboration. A resistance incarnated through our youth!

– Make known that this resistance has a name: GÈnÈration Identitaire !

The complete hystery displayed by the politicians responsible (Harlem DÈsir , only recently appointed first secretary of the PS, (appealing to prohibit our movement), the country’s leaders (Jean-Marc Ayrault feeling obliged to witness from Asia [where he presently is] his sadness) and the associations allegedly anti-racist, all this permits to envisage consequences of all kinds, in the wake of our action at Poitiers. Let us remember that while we write these lines, four of our comrades responsible are still held in police custody (since more than 40 hours), a sign of an evident doggedness.

These consequences, we had envisaged and considered them, this is why we are ready to accept them, no matter which they will be. For this was worth the while, for we have never imagined that the Reconquest would resemble a dÓner de gala or a pajama soirÈe.

But henceforth we will no longer confront them on our own, but supported by a large number of frenchmen. Reenforced by some thousand new contacts, which we now will deal with, we will be able to continue structurating GÈnÈration Identitaire. And little surprise, several other actions are already on our minds.

This message which we made heard from Poitiers is basically rather simple: We will not cede anymore!



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7 Replies to “In the aftermath of the Poitiers mosque occupation…”

  1. This is good news, and it’s good that the media were actually made to sit up and take notice. It’s great that the French are starting to fight back.

  2. The entire French MSM is demanding that Génération Identitaire, is banned, imprisoned or more or less guillotined.

    So why the hysteria about a very small demonstration on the roof of an uncompleted mosque?

    The elite, political and media know that they have created an existential problem for France by allowing tens of millions of Muslims and Blacks into France. THEY DID SO WITHOUT ANY REFERENCE TO THE WISHES OF THE FRENCH.

    Génération Identitaire, was born because the elite never asked the French whether they wished to allow Muslims and Blacks into the country. And that is why the traitors are trying to deflect what could turn out to be a seismic event.

    Its the same here in Britain. We have huge anti-racism programs in place, funded of course by the tax payer. But this would never be necessary if the elites had asked the people of Britain if they wished to have millions of Muslims and Blacks in the country. Instead the entire MSM, with the paedophile BBC in the lead, is intent on calling Britain as, what is that phrase, ah yes, “Institutionally racist”


  3. They have created a massive problem for the French Government, the question is will the French react like the Brits did to the EDL?

  4. Are the Génération Identitaire patriots in the mould of the EDL or fascists? Does anyone know their ideology?

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