Swiss Army prepares for possible conflict as the EU goes into melt-down

Original Translation by Hermes:

From Deutche 

The Swiss army is looking ahead for a dramatic escalation of the situation in the EU countries affected by the crisis having effect on the security of Switzerland. This is what “Schweizer Zeitung Sonntag” reported. The basis for this: because of the multiple money saving measures, the armies of the South European countries will weaken, and as a consequence, the modernization of the army in the neighboring countries will be left aside. This will cause a weakening of the armies, and the European states will be easily extorted. The Swiss defense minister Ueli Maurer declared to „Schweizer Zeitung Sonntag“ after a conference that „I do not rule out that in the coming years we will need the army“.

The defense department VBS has the same opinion as Maurer. The Euro-crisis worsens the potential for violence. Massive unemployment and the radicalization of the population are growing threats in Spain, Greece and Italy.

Due to the fact that there are fears in Switzerland about the spreading of unrests to its territory, the army is being equipped: 100.000 soldiers, 5 billion for military spending and Gripen fight jets are planned for the defense of the Swiss confederation. In order to counter potential unrests, demonstrations and masses of refugees from the neighboring countries, the 2000 top (military) officers have already designed the maneuver “Stabilo Due”. This is Military commander André Blattmann’s plan to defend the borders of the four regions with four military police battalions and a total number of 1600 soldiers.

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2 Replies to “Swiss Army prepares for possible conflict as the EU goes into melt-down”

  1. EU the winner of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize…. Hitler made the cover of Time as well. I’ve always viewed the Peace Prize, especially after Arafat and Obama winning, as a sort of unearned gratuitous sop for losers and left-wingers and now all of my suspicions are confirmed. Ditto for the prize in literature.

  2. The Swiss are seeing the true future of the entire world, unless you have a strong army or a strong friendly neighbor you are screwed.

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