Protest in Gansbunnen Switzerland over absurd demands to tolerate excessive immigration

An original translation by Michael Laudahn:

A town in Switzerland with a total population of 103 people are expected to host 80 third world immigrants. It seems that some genius Swiss authority wants these immigrants to run the local restaurant and pub. Details are a bit scarce as filming and interviews are all being denied but more should come out as demand to know increases.

This madness must stop. If Europeans did this to an African village it would contravene the UN rules on genocide by population replacement.

In Gänsbrunnen, inhabitants [103, see here ] protest against a potential asylum accomodation holding lanterns on which they painted sad faces. The local council rejects the idea according to which the asylum seekers henceforth were to run the ‘St Joseph’ restaurant.

100 asylum seekers? No thank you’

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5 Replies to “Protest in Gansbunnen Switzerland over absurd demands to tolerate excessive immigration”

  1. Lunacy…….sheer fucking lunacy…..

    Where is the Swiss equivalent of Gavin Boby on this one….the creators of this little program should be horsewhipped!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Please write to the Solothurn ‘regierungsrat’ Peter Glomm – the one enforcing the asylum seekers on Gänsbrunnen, who wouldn’t be interviewed – at kanzlei(a) You could also express your sympathy to the village by writing to its burgomaster Ernst Lanz via ernst.lanz(a) Thank you.

  3. Get ready for halal cuisine at the village restaurant-pub! I’m sure many of the enrichers’ tender religious sensibilities won’t allow them to handle booze and pork.

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