Iran prints billions in fake US $

If this isn’t an act of war…

From AGI.It

Iran: Suddeutsche reports on fake dollars to prop up rial

(AGI) – Berlin, Oct. 16 – Iran allegedly printed billions of counterfeit dollar bills to halt the tumbling rates of exchange of its national currency. German daily, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, makes the front-page claim, telling of how it has learned from sources in a western secret service that Teheran allegedly distributed counterfeit dollars throughout the country. The bills are said to be of excellent quality and from China.

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  1. If this is the bill I am thinking about they are printed in North Korea and are all but undetectable, these high quality counterfeits are the reason that the US has been changing the pattern on our currency so much.

    Yes this is an act of war, but our leaders have been afraid to China’s response if we attack North Korea, and they worry Russia might join in also.

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