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6 Replies to “CIA and Danish Intel conspire to use blind date to get to Anwar the terrorist”

  1. The call for the destruction of free speech and the silencing of dissent and global condemnation of the advancement and excesses of islam grows louder by the day…….carefully orchestrated by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, The Muslim Brotherhood and the vast array of “community NGO relations” groups and organizations.

    There needs to arise a vigorous push-back against this…..that said…..when was the last time you saw 1000 infidels marching in a Western city against islam…….we are badly organized and they know it…..this must change and change very quickly or we will find ourselves on an ever shrinking Judeo-Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/Infidel peninsula ….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. 1. Could have been just standard security practice to make her leave her bag and possessions.

    2. Fatty is probably a double agent

    3. He could have been watched by other Al Quada agents.

    I’d go with number two. Fatty was a double agent.

  3. Richard. No, not bad luck. If it was standard practice to leave bags behind then the CIA would know that and not have bothered with this operation.

    Upon consideration I have to say that Fatty McBitchtits is a double agent. Otherwise why’d he photograph the money and make the operation public. Al Quada would kill him for this if he hadn’t been really working for them.

    Also his tone and expression cannot be ignored. He is laughing at the CIA.

  4. You are probably right, I was just putting out other possibilities to see if they carried any validity. Double and Triple agents are the big danger in a war of shadows , yet in a war of shadows all other possibilities have to be checked out.

    During the Cold War most defectors were real, but those that were fakes did a lot of damage to both sides, for a defector or double agent to succeed in their mission they have to provide information that helps the people they are trying to trick. In doing this they run the risk that what they are reveling will turn out to be more valuable then what they are learning.

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