French art project confuses Muslims.

To riot or not to riot. This is the question. Whether tis more effective to to make them suffer our slings and rocks of outrageous demands, or take arms against a sea of infidels at the risk they may actually oppose us.

(My most humble apologies to the Bard)

The future. Having an imam called for every public work of art to decide whether or not its riot worthy and offensive to Mustards.

The story in French is here

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One Reply to “French art project confuses Muslims.”

  1. LOL but what would the Islamic mullahs know about Art? They can’t cope with any kind of freedom least of all that of expression. They are frightened to death that their shepple might start thinking for themselves and what would they do then. Look at how they express their dissent over anything from a teddie bear called Moehamed to a few cartoons to a simple 18 minute utube clip? This behavior/reactions are not those of normal adults!

    It is quite obvious that the only color in their spectrum is RED. And rather like a red rag to a bull or a turkey cock the mullahs can text their 10,000 strong shepple into a lose the slipper frenzy at any time they want. All they have to do is utter a BUZZ word such as: Moehamed/Insult, USA/Israel ,Honor/Shame, and on and on!

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