Douglas Murray: Israeli attack on Iran a certainty

H/T George Igler

FWIW, my opinion:

Iran already have several nukes they probably bought from N Korea and/or Pakistan. They are currently in the process of attempting to create the right climate that will allow them to use them with some plausible excuse to prevent international retaliation post hoc.

Hence the rash of attempted assassinations and ‘false flag ops’ from Africa to Washington.

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5 Replies to “Douglas Murray: Israeli attack on Iran a certainty”

  1. I thought I was the only one with that opinion. yes it does make sense. Iran already has the bomb, but really no competitive delivery system beyond terrorism… hence they are looking towards public relations and politics to sculpt an environment that would justify the use of the weapon.

  2. Reza Kahlili says Iran bought several nuclear warheads and artillery rounds from Ukraine during the breakup of the Soviet Union, China and North Korea are suppose to have sent people to Iran to ensure the devices will go off.

    They also have short and medium range missiles that will reach Israel and part of Europe and may have long range ones that will reach all of Europe.


  3. Anyone who thinks Iran doesn’t mean it when they say they are going to destroy Israel to bring back the Mahdi are refusing to face the reality of the current Iranian regime.

  4. The debate is interesting in that the two individuals are putting arguments forward without ever mentionning one very important thing. One side (Israël) is a rational people while the other side (Iran) is totally irrational in their way of thinking. The leadership of Iran must never get the nuclear weapons.

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