From George Orwell to Mel Brooks. None of any of this is a surprise.

It is worth noting, that on American Netflix, the Southpark Episodes from season 14 episodes 5 & 6 have been removed (as well as Season 5 episode 3, the ‘Super Best Friends’ episode with Mohamed shown as a superhero along with Jesus, Buddha and Seaman). This is a big glaring gap in the list of episodes.

This is because those are the ones where the creators of South park had the temerity to question the wisdom of submitting to demands to censor images and ideas, and ilustrated how far that would likely go as a policy. In fact, it went farther than even they expected.

They did not even show a drawing of a figure claimed to be Mohamed. They just said they did when it was really a drawing of Santa hiding inside a drawing of a bear costume. And yet Netflix saw fit to remove those two episodes.

It may however have been Comedy Central or wherever Netflix got the license to stream those shows and not a decision by Netflix themselves. It would be good to know however who made this call.

Also please post a link to these 2 episodes in comments if anyone knows where they can be seen. This is important stuff. Very few artists are on the side of freedom of speech and the most important right of all, the right to criticize and even ridicule irrational religious authority.

Those few who are, Mat Stone and Trey parker for two examples, must have our open support.

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