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9 Replies to “Canadian Imam demands all of us convert to Islam as penance for the crappy trailer on youtube”

  1. The Shia Imam says that he is ready to take a bullet. I hope that someone obliges!
    I am tired of listening to these skunks. Muslims have been cruising for a bruising for a long time now.

  2. Convert to Islam, NEVER, I have read the Koranimal Book and its dead total Evil, satanic verses is a well chosen title for it. Tell the Muslims to go fuck a pig and pet a dog!!

  3. I would like to convert all Imams into something but it would have nothing to do with religion. But then again, Imams wouldn’t even make good fertilizer either.

  4. Anyone else find it instructive that Ezra’s guest, Mr. Halevi, identifies the imam as a sheik, and confirms that the characterizations of sheik and imam are interchangable?

  5. What a loser. He is not passionate enough. Will he burn down an embassy?Do not bet on it. He will make his speech and go home and watch TV. Most muslims are way to useless to riot and burn anything. It will soon die out and we can wait for the next episode of rioting. Sometimes the passion is so low an entire year goes by without a riot for Allah! At least make it an annual thing you useless muzzies. With your lack of passion I am sure Allah is getting ready to roast you muzzies all in hell and you will deserve. If you are not doing something for Jihad at all times there is no hope for you. Inshallah!

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