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2 Replies to “Claim: 10,000 muslims march in Lebanon demanding no insult to Mohamtard”

  1. Atlas posted a videotaped segment featuring Cliff Kincaid at the 9/11/12 SION Congress.

    [Kincaid]”. . . eviscerates the AP and other leading media organizations, which are on a jihad to disarm NYPD law enforcement and counter terror initiatives.”

    With fury he decries the extension of a

    “. . .welcome mat to these foreign propaganda channels that come into the US media market to confuse the American people about the issues and what’s at stake.

    *Al Jazeera, the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    *Press TV, an organ of the Iranian regime operating on K Street in Washington DC with access to the US media market in clear violation of US sanctions against Iran.
    The Obama administration lets them get away with it. On top of that –

    *RussiaToday television, aka “RT”, paid for by Vladimir Putin with access to US cable and satellite providers across the United States in order to undermine our will and to confuse the American people.

    These foreign broadcast channels are weapons of war against the United States.

    Incredibly, these news reels are provided by either Putin’s propaganda organ, “Russia Today” aka “RT” or the Iranian mullah’s propaganda organ “PressTV” signalling further evidence of the death spiral of American news media.

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