Over 100 Muslims arrested in ‘spontaneous’ riots in France.

If I was in any position to hire people, I would be offering Martin a job. Thanks man!

Don L also and actually quite a few of you guys and gals. Thank you all. As the day grows long, we will all need each other more and more to hold a candle against the darkness.

Pictures here:




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16 Replies to “Over 100 Muslims arrested in ‘spontaneous’ riots in France.”

  1. You’re more than welcome…….I travel a bit so info can be spotty at times.

    To all who are reading this a word of advice.

    In the coming weeks and months caution must be used. I trust you will look around yourselves and acquire that which you need to maintain your own safety and that which you need to stop an assault or attack in its tracks. I shouldn’t have to spell it out.

    Look around you people, the pace has quicken considerably……the time for conducting ones self with eyes wide open is here.

    The time has come I believe to use this opportunity, to use the riots to our advantage, the time has come to push for the isolation and expulsion of muslims from North America.

    Personally, now, I make no secret of my feelings and have resolved not to quiver and tremble.

    How you choose to conduct yourselves is your choice…..but consider that this is, was and always be, your Canada….your country…..they, the muslims, are the guests…….they always were, are now and always will be…….and the time has come for them to leave…..let us direct our communications and efforts towards removing them from our midst.

    It will be difficult……get used to it.

    There will be confrontation, they love that….get used to it.

    There will be their tools of screaming and yelling, violence, assaults, threats and intimidation……don’t be concerned….get used to it.

    There will be blood shed, that is their stock in trade…..get used to it.

    There will be death, they revel and delight in death….get used to it.

    We are now faced with a task, the removal of muslims from our midst, a task made exponentially greater owing to our years of ignorance, indifference and gullibility……but it’s not an impossible task…….let us grit our teeth and move forward with a goal of an islam-free Canada.

    Start in any way you can…..write, talk, post, forward, fax, email and telephone…….

    Identify all muslims in your neighborhood, identify all muslim businesses, identify muslim residences, locate all muslim associations, gathering places, schools and mosques……and identify all those persons, members of the judiciary, members of law enforcement and the military, the bureaucracy and government who are muslims or who support or are sympathetic to muslims……..do all of this with particularity…….and start right now.

    As Michelle Bachmann said…….”Its very late in the game”……but as Don Laird says…….”The game is not over”

    Ladies and Gentlemen……”Show Time” is almost here……..

    And to my good friend Syed B. Soharwardy, the vicious little puffed up Pakistani worm living in Calgary……you didn’t think I would ever forget about you did you Syed?…..you didn’t think 33 million Canadians forgot about you?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Syed B. Soharwardy is the guy who tried to get Ezra Levant silenced via the Human Rights Council. Yes. Pakistan would be an excellent place for the little Nazi.

  3. Unfortunately I believe you are absolutely right Don.
    You say the game is not over, I say: “the game hasn’t even started”
    People are just about to wake up.

    I appreciate that someone now is speaking clearly on the consequences of the betrayel the west has been exposed to by our leaders. I could have said naive leaders, but really I don’t think that even politicians can be this naive.

    Our last effort to solve this problem peacefully should be to speak out clearly like you do.

    I also appreciate the historical awareness of this blog.
    Objects in the rear view mirror of time may indeed be closer than they appear.


    We once before lost to religious dogmas that put us hundreds of years back in time, will we loose once again, or will we wake up?
    To clear out any possible misunderstandings. This song is describing the views and attidtude of our enemy. Today, as one thousand years ago:


    I don’t see why we should have to be ashamed to stand up against oppression, hate and death.

    I don’t find any FollowButton on this blog. I believe in networking 🙂 Could you get one?

  4. @Don Laird
    We are a nation at war, but don’t realize it. World War 3 started years ago but we’re not acknowledging it. It’s like being at war with Hitler and still allowing Nazis into the country in 1939, 1940 and 1941 and so on…
    Muslims are foreign enemy soldiers. Some are real soldiers, others are just spies. The enemy must be deported or put into P.O.W. camps. This is very real. This is no joke.

  5. Well… I’m not sure about the job … actually I was thinking I should not spend so much time in front of the computer watching those Muslim insanities ….

    Otherwise… I got an idea :

    We should start nationwide actions like discreetly leaving “sticky notes” with very simple anti-Islam slogans in stores or public libraries or other establishments hiring hijabed women – like No Islamic veil – Islam Go Home – or No Sharia – No Veil – No Islamic Law in CanadaHalal food finances Muslim Terrorism – in shops selling halal food etc etc

    Or even something more radical like the Koran-Initiative ( shredding koran pages and throwing them in the vicinity of the Muslim caserns ) :



  6. BREAKING – France to block further demos against anti-Islam film

    France’s interior minister said Sunday he will prevent any further anti-US demonstrations sparked by an anti-Islam film that has triggered sometimes deadly protests across the globe.

    The warning came a day after police in Paris detained around 150 people for taking part in an unauthorized, impromptu protest near the US embassy that saw three officers slightly hurt after a number of clashes.

    “I have issued instructions so that this does not happen again,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls told France 2 television. “These protests are forbidden. Any incitement to hatred must be fought with the greatest firmness.”

    Valls said that among the roughly 250 protesters on Saturday there were some groups that “advocate radical Islam”, but they were not representative of the moderate Islam practiced by most Muslims in France.


  7. Now this story :

    Egyptian activist detained for posting anti-Islam film starts hunger strike

    Activist Albert Saber starts a hunger strike while he waits in jail pending investigations into charges of insulting religions after posting an anti-Islam film on his Facebook page

    “At around 11:00pm Thursday night, a mob of residents gathered under Saber’s house in El-Marg district and threatened to burn his house and the church near it. Albert ignored them as he went up to his house. When he found the door lock was broken, he called the police. When the police came they did not ask him anything and instead of protecting him they arrested him” rights activist Amir Taki told Ahram Online.


    video of the arrest :




  8. Comment with links for pics and videos of Anti-US protesters in London disappeared in the virtual nowhere ( -may be check your filter anti-spam ??? )

  9. Don Laird well said, I am glad others are reading the signs the same way I am, we are facing trouble in North America we in the US and Canada haven’t seen since the 19th Century.

    Eeyore we are going to hold the candles, hopefully civilization will survive teh coming dark.

  10. Martin:

    Any posts with more than 1 link is held for moderation by me for spam purposes. On the rare rare occasion that I am away from the computer for a few hours, it can get delayed. They should be up now though and thanks.


  11. It is good to see the muslims riot. I am for it BUT only in their own lands. The stronger and harder they riot the more people will see them for what they are. I hope these riots become a year round event. But sadly they will die out soon. So little passion these muslims have for Allah and his prophet. And when they die out then the media starts all over again with the Islam is a religion of peace project again. I for one want the rioting jihad to be fully functioning all over the muslim world 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Only then will the West begin to wake up. And of course it will damage the economy of the muslims, which is an excellent result on top of waking up the good people of the west.

  12. I don’t feel proud to be the first person to ask this question.

    What exactly is insulting about the movie? Exactly what in it is libelous or wrong?

    The protestors and islamic leaders have all said it was insulting and libelous. BUT NONE OF THEM HAVE SAID WHY! Not one of them. Not. A. Single. One.

    It is monumentally stupid of our press to just assume it is insulting and libelous without even evaluate it to see if there is a legitimate basis for complaint.

    The press reports that they are offended by the movie- but doesn’t examine the film to see if there is anything in it that is not taught as gospel already. If it is all true then all these people are lying about being offended.

    WE know they are lying but the press hasn’t even tried to determine it for themselves before reporting that they feel insulted.

  13. Probably the fact that someone who is suppose to be a Christian made the movie, and that the language used was accurate but insulting, it didn’t whitewash Mohammed.

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