Canada paid $2m for study of embassy security

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The Chronicle Herald:

OTTAWA — The Foreign Affairs Department paid almost $2 million to an international security firm for a sweeping intelligence study of potential threats to Canada’s foreign embassies.

The assessment would have undoubtedly informed the Harper government’s decision to close its embassy in Tehran last week.

The contract was awarded earlier this year to Control Risks Group, a company that boasts 34 offices across the world, and a network of government, police, aid groups and media.

Neither the company nor Foreign Affairs would comment specifically on the nature of the work done.

The government has said repeatedly that the safety of its diplomats was the primary reason for pulling out of the Iranian capital.

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5 Replies to “Canada paid $2m for study of embassy security”

  1. Well bravo to them…..

    2 million dollars is a mere pittance……

    I wonder what portion of the over 10 billion dollars……..



    ..the US government gave to the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, the same organization responsible, in part, for the lunacy of these last few days…..

    what portion of that money should have been spent to point out the obvious but will now be spent to put US Ambassador Chris Stevens in the ground….

    Just a thought….

    Strange times indeed Ladies and Gentlemen…….strange times indeed….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. They needed to pay $2m to a consultant for that info? That’s disturbing. They should have people working in their foreign office who decide this as part of their job.

    when*pigs*fly – Greenfield whacks it over the fence nine times out of ten, and this piece is one such time.

  3. John:

    If you ever get a chance to really sit down with people in Canadian intel, you might find that they are 1. Very politically correct and have no life experience or ideas that did not come from post secondary, mostly Marxist education.
    2. Think that Islam is not the problem and American ‘far right Christian fundamentalists’ are.

    3. Don’t really know anything about anything but they can speak French, act morally superior, use their jobs to get laid and spend their days planning what they will do with their fat governmet pensions when they retire.

    The reason I say this is, the $2M the Canadian government spent on this study was the best money maybe ever spent by the government. We got real intel that had real consequences and saved real lives and changed policy for the better instead of the $2M a day we spend on bilingual slackers who do bugger all and are mostly on the other side anyway.

  4. Good, one of the first thing left wing governments do is to put their people in charge of the intel organizations, these in turn start removing patriots and hiring leftists in their place. This is why President Reagan started the Team Blue reviews of all intel assesments and why the US Spec Ops developed their own intel groups.

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