Tunis Protesters Attack US Embassy

Sky News:

Protests erupt in 10 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia as anger builds over anti-Muslim film created in the US.


Protesters torch a US flag outside the embassy in TunisProtesters descend on the US embassy in TunisProtesters have entered the US embassy in the Tunisian capital Tunis in the latest violence sparked by an anti-Muslim film.

A large fire could be seen burning inside the compound. Police fired tear gas at the crowds, who broke windows and set fire to trees.

In the Sudanese capital Khartoum, some 5,000 protesters attacked the British and German embassies.

Demonstrators broke into the German compound, pulling down the German flag and flying a black Islamic flag above the building. They also smashed windows and started a fire in front of the main gate.

Police fired tear gas at the protesters, who then moved on to the nearby British embassy in Khartoum East.

Britain’s Foreign Office said: “We can confirm an ongoing demonstration outside the British Embassy in Khartoum. Sudanese police are at the scene.”

Protesters set fire to German flag in front of German embassy in Khartoum, Sudan
Germany embassy is attacked in Khartoum

Outside the city, thousands of protesters arrived in buses and cars to gather on the main street near the heavily-fortified US embassy. They lit several fires, as police fired tear gas to disperse them.

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  1. I see no reason for the existence of embassies in these days of rapid communications. Specially in Muslim countries, where obviously they are a convenient target and potential hostages.

    Oops. I forgot, the embassies still have to process visas for thousands Muslims who are dying to enrich us.

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