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  1. There are websites and then there are websites……..

    The posting of this kind of truthful film-work, and the the subsequent fight to keep it in the Public eye and further, as part of a permanently accessible record, in spite of the ongoing attempts, through false copyright claims and or threats of death and violence, to suppress or destroy this work, is what will, in the final analysis, drive the fatal dagger through the heart of islam….destroying forever a sickness that has enjoyed far too much time on this planet already.

    Let us not be swayed by the empty rhetoric and blustering threats of those who seek the beds and sexual favors of children, those who grotesquely disfigure and brutalize little girls and women, those who revel in madness, sexual deviance and lunacy…….in other words…..let us not be swayed or intimidated by muslims……instead let us post the truth far and wide….let us rub their vulgar, brutish and Neanderthal noses in it night and day……

    Excellent post….thank you.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. After watching this excellent video of facts about islam, that is, when facts could be found, I think it should have been named “Islam: One Big Freaking Lie”

  3. Everyone needs to download and keep this, because at some point it may get banned / removed. The more private copies there are of it, the more people can keep throwing it back into public circulation. Thank God for the internet.

  4. For a long time I have stated that fear is the key, which Muslims have used to subjugate Western society. Even though Muslims are a minority, they are united, and around a central authority – the mosque. It is thus a war between a united force, which is also armed, against a large group of disorganised and disunited individuals. This is a “no contest”. Moreover, Muslims have the support of 50 odd Muslim countries, and have also shown that they are not averse to using lethal force.

  5. So the Feminists are struck dumb with fear. The politicians are paralysed by fear. And the journalists are petrified by FEAR.

    FEAR is the key. The fear of not being liberal. The fear of not being PC. And above all, the fear of being beheaded.

    Our society is now like a dead man walking. Unless this fear is confronted, we are as good as dead.

  6. Actually I always stop people who say “The Prophet Mohamed” and ask if they are Muslim. And when they say no I ask them if they refer to Jesus as, ‘Jesus the Messiah’ or, The Son of God, Jesus’ and when they explain that they are not religious or Christian then I ask why they refer to Mohamed who they know nothing about as a prophet of god, especially if they are atheists.

  7. This video is crucial for what is says about islam and, in a backhanded way, what it says about us.

    If you listen carefully, from a perspective of learning our lessons from the pages of history, there are several cultures, societies and civilizations that went to ruin for their failure to confront islam.

    There are also several others who, like the United States and Europe, found themselves in a weakened state after long wars and, essentially laying their collective throats bare, had the very same ripped open by the muslims.

    We are now facing many of the same nightmarish scenarios as did our predecessors and, inexplicably, save for the vagaries and folly of human nature, we seem to be making the very same mistakes…….the price we pay will be dear indeed.

    Of the volumes said about the muslim/arabs in this documentary I was struck by that which was true then and remains true today….

    “The Arabs were the most insignificant and the most despised people”…….

    …..the more things change the more they stay the same…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  8. Yes Don. The Australian Light Horse despised the Arabs in the First World War nad came into conflict with the British High Command over it.

    The Eastern Roman Empire fell because it fought on the back foot and did not plan to tackle the problem of Islam head-on. Napolean was right when he said the best form of defence is offence. Today the West would do well to heed that advice….

  9. “So the Feminists are struck dumb with fear. The politicians are paralysed by fear. And the journalists are petrified by FEAR.

    FEAR is the key. The fear of not being liberal. The fear of not being PC.”

    Fear only works on spineless people. This is not true of lots of people. The west is full of people who are often just working too hard to watch much news and lots of them do not care for any news at all. The west is full of all sorts. To suggest that fear is the currency of the west is not true. This blog for example fears no-one. Does Jihad Watch fear anyone? Pastors Sapp and Jones of Florida who burnt the Koran? The EDL? Even me? I was with a muzzies in his car the other day getting a lift and he was playing some arabic wailing. I told him to turn that shit off and he did so. I then gave him a lecture on how infidels will never give into jihad and he listened like a puppy.

  10. “The Arabs were the most insignificant and the most despised people”…….

    This was true then. But they have moved up a notch or two and maybe at their peak about now. After this so called arab spring it is all down hill. The more islam gets a hold of people the worse they become in every way. In Saudi they are building a city for women. Now how about that for wasting petro dollars? And what happens when these petro dollars run out. Fortunately, the Saudis and other Arabs have simply thrown money away after one grand failed scheme after another. Science cities, attempts to grow wheat (now discontinued in Saudi), weapons purchases which they do not know anything about and will never be able to use or maintain, palaces, office blocks that sit empty etc. Give money to chimps and this is what happens.

  11. Muslims are mostly extremely selfish, inconsiderate people who used their wealth, which they accummulated via various means, to bully, intimidate, to spread their arrogant islam and to spread fear. It is better to do something constructive, that will improve our own life, rather than their life, than living in fear of them.

  12. The reason they can not use their wealth for good is because they are evil and stupid. No need to be afraid of stupid people. The West is trillion times smarter collectively even if our silly leaders are such cowards. Now if we were all like Clinton and Obama I would worry but I never worry. I know the future is bright because we are brilliant and fearless.

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