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11 Replies to “Vlaams Belang does interesting trailer/video on immigration or invasion”

  1. I remember seeing a picture of woman wearing Hijabs demanding the right to wear HIjabs – the only thing visible where there eyes, they where cold and full of hate.

  2. Yep, it creeps me out and pretty much casts a pall on things when I come across them too. If her handler is around I don’t like that I might lose my life for making eye contact either.

  3. They all look the same like black ghosts. They are walking dead. How anyone can fail to see that Islam is not evil just baffles me.

  4. Google translated bit at the bottom of the video:

    “The immigration invasion is growing rapidly in Europe over the head. The European continent multiculturalism works and islamicising. The immigration tsunami creates a reverse colonization. Filip Dewinter describes how immigrants in a few years the majority of the population of various cities will be included. The mass immigration makes way for more crime, more poverty and more unemployment. The tidal wave of immigration is costing the Flemings of money: 1.500 euros per year per Flemish family. The immigration invasion may be stopped! Filip Dewinter explains in “Immigration Invasion: the new colonization” not politically correct taboos out how and why …”

  5. Richard:

    I would go farther then that once the left is ‘done’ with Islam, Islam will not exist.

    This will not take place in our life time but it will happen. Don’t ever underestimate the cruelty of the left. All you have to do is look at their hero’s they are all mass murderers

  6. I agree with Bobbejane. Even those moslems (and other ethnic asians of other religions) who don’t wear the hijab are full of hate for us infidels who are poor.

  7. Richard you’re vastly underestimating the military strengths of the western powers military
    When we untie our boy’s hands they will take care of the issue. Not a problem.
    We could be out numbered 100 to 1 on the battle field and have no problem winning

    But this is also a problem for us. We are so vastly military superior we don’t even see them as a real national threat. We can and we do ignore them as they are not a national threat. We have put them into the category of a public issue.

    terrorism is now considered a public nuisance or a police issue. Not a threat to the nation.
    For a short time after 9/11 we did categorize terrorism as a national threat but that didn’t go so well (Iraq). So we upped police powers and taken away more freedoms and put terrorism in the hands of the police.

  8. OxAO you may be right, but I am including the economic mess into my calculations, as well as the fact that there will be fighting all around the world. Yes the West could destroy Islam, but for the west to do this we would have to become Nazi Germany and institute the final solution for the Moslems. The only way that is going to happen is for the left to take over the west, something I don’t see happening in the near future, but I refuse to speculate on what is going to happen in the middle and long tern, the left is not going to go away despite their being the causes for this mess.

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