Christian family attacked in Nigeria

Maghreb Christians:

Tensions grow even more in Nigeria for Christians

Tensions grow even more in Nigeria for Christians

Muslim extremists attempted to kill a pastor supported by VOM and his family earlier this month in Nigeria.

At least seven gunmen entered Pastor Audu D. Gadzama’s church on August 10, intending to kill the pastor, his wife and his three children. One gunman shot Pastor Audu’s 24-year-old son, Thomas, in the leg.

Pastor Audu ran outside when he heard the gunshot, and the gunmen fired at him as well but missed. The gunmen, assuming both their targets were dead after seeing the men fall to the ground, then entered the house to search for the church key.

They forced Pastor Audu’s wife and other two children to lie on the ground as they set fire to the house and church. The family was able to escape and hide in the bushes as the gunmen fired into the air while shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” The Christians remained in hiding through the night, and the next morning took Thomas to a hospital. The family is now living with another pastor in the area.

Please pray for the safety of this family. Pray that this incident will not sow anxiety in their hearts, but that they will remain steadfast in their faith. Pray for wisdom for Pastor Audu and other church leaders in Nigeria. Pray that Nigerian Christians will be able to forgive and love their persecutors.



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  1. And so much for respecting other religions, one day when the west rises out of the east hold shitlams head in its hand then they would have learned not to fuck with us

  2. It took nearly 300 years of persistent attacks on Christians that eventually led to a military campaign to defend Christians, that is the Crusade..

    Its really high time that Christians once more need to declare a Crusade against this idelogy that is anti-human.

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