Cruelty claims over sheep sold and killed despite rules

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LIVESTOCK exporters are being investigated after allegations Australian sheep are being illegally sold and slaughtered inhumanely at a notorious Kuwait market.

It is the second major Agriculture Department investigation since strict animal welfare rules were implemented after last year’s cattle controversy in Indonesia.

Animals Australia complained after its Kuwaiti investigator found exported sheep were being sold in non-approved markets and killed in makeshift abattoirs, where slaughtermen ignored international guidelines.

The case has raised concerns from activists, Labor backbenchers, the Greens and independents that the new rules rely too much on industry self-regulation.


Since last year exporters have had to comply with rules that assure high welfare standards from farm to slaughter. Animals are tracked so officials know they are slaughtered in approved facilities as well as preventing on-selling of sheep into non-approved abattoirs and feedlots.

Exporters are also required to have supply chains independently audited, and the audit given to the department.

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  1. Let’s keep our animals in our country where the Humane Society, ASPCA and PETA, maintain a close watch. Even, then, there are Muslims, here, who use the halal method and torture them in other ways in our slaughterhouses. Tyson’s Foods for one. No one buy meat from them until they get rid of all Muslims.

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