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2 Replies to “Update on the Imam who framed a learning disabled Christian in Pakistan for blasphemy”

  1. Pakistan is feeling the embarrassment now. I have Leftist friends who are clueless about what goes on in Pakistan, but even they have heard of this case.
    If Rimsha dies, either in prison, or out of prison when some vigilante comes after her, then that’s more shame on the nation.
    Pakistan is proof that Muslims, who want to rule the World, are not fit to govern even one part of it. To give a Muslim land is like dishing out loaded revolvers to angry toddlers. Far from Islam conquering other lands, it should have all lands removed from it. It’s time for the grown-ups to step in and start doing some confiscating. Pakistan should go back to India, with all Muslims disarmed and the Hindus firmly back in charge!

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