Taliban beheads children, skins 16-yr-old boy

I’m sure we can find common ground with these people and create a good negotiated settlement don’t you?


Taliban public relations tools.
Taliban public relations tools.

“What ‘immoral’ acts did these children commit?”

A 12-yr-old boy and a 6-yr-old girl were recently discovered beheaded in Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan.

As reported by Reuters, Jawid Faisal, the spokesman for the provincial governor of Kandahar, stated that the severed head placed next to the body of an unnamed boy served as a Taliban warning to the local populace.

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6 Replies to “Taliban beheads children, skins 16-yr-old boy”

  1. Ross we are at war in Afgnanistan because of the 9/11 attacks, have you forgotten them? Have you forgotten the terror attacks before and after then?

  2. Because we aren’t fighting the war to win, we are trying to build nations. General MacArthur said, “in war there is no substitute for victory.” We have spent the time since WWII searching for a substitute and failing, The failure has not stopped the deluded leaders in the west from continuing the futile search,

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