Fantastic Maori ceremony

Thanks Don L for this one.

Anyone who has not seen the powerful New Zealand film, ‘Once Were Warriors‘ might want to consider watching it before, or after seeing this video for a much deeper understanding of what this is.

The movie is very powerful I warn you. Its not a happy film but it is a really good one and after having seen that, this clip below tells me a lot about how Maoris in the New Zealand army can use one set of cultural values to augment another and not be in opposition.

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2 Replies to “Fantastic Maori ceremony”

  1. Nice post….

    This is remarkable for a number of reasons. One, its a magnificent display of the honoring of dead soldiers using a combination of two cultural traditions.

    Two, its a rare example of two cultures blending without pandering to political correctness……we here in North America could learn a lesson from these men…….so would say Tommy Prince……

    Of course, for the dead men….its a helluva way to remembered and be sent off home………

    Unfortunately, these soldiers died in the act of wiping the muslims, the human equivalent of swine excrement, from the face of the planet……..let the wiping continue…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Don the last I heard the warrior societies of the Plains tribes do the same down here. The ones I served with were proud to be members of the US Army, prior to the US whipping them they considered their tribes the meanest things on earth, they said it took real bad asses to kick their butts so they were proud to be tough enough to join and serve.

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