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8 Replies to “Tommy Robinson on the attack at the EDL march”

  1. The writing’s on the wall when the police arrest the victims and not the perpetrators and the perpetrators (as always) are muslims. It’s happened many times in Europe, several times in Canada and in the USA. There’s a theme here and it will only get worse unless YOU put a stop to it now!

  2. the police’s relevance as a law enforcement agency is degrading with every day.
    soon they will only be guarding the walled estates of the elite.
    why in hells name does anyone actually want to join them anymore?

  3. Muslims have got to the top of the multiculteral tree by being thugs and making the police afraid to do anything. The EDL are also climbing that tree. Good luck to them as they do it peacefully but cost the police in reputation and over time pay for officers who have to be laid on to sort things out. This is the perfect counter jihad tactic. What is the chief police officer to do. He dare not go against the muslim as they are his pet PC dogs but the EDL is costing him his reputation and expenditure on over time payments for the police.

  4. This topic has got be wound up. The fact that Tommy said he will be back in Six weeks is the key. Now that will get the police chief thinking. What is he to do?If we step into his shoes we can see the problem he faces. Who knows next time he may order the arrest of the muzzies.

  5. Don – I think we all want the Police to arrest the Trouble makers nobody else,but by through doing the right thing,Tommy has gained a lot more respect and support from the members of the Public who are standing on the side-lines waiting to see just exactly what role the Police play in this situation,(and many more in the past),it’s good he Advertised it in Public,NOW the Police will be “on stage”,if they don’t do the right and proper thing then it will send shock waves all around The Globe,let alone Brittain,and it’ll be a Victory for the wrong side,a Victory on the wrong side will be loss for Freedom and Democracy.

  6. Re. “a Victory on the wrong side will be loss for Freedom and Democracy.”

    Chris, I am of the opinion that this is not necessarily so. It is not out of the realms of possibility that a ‘victory on the wrong side’ would serve to bring many off of the sidelines and onto the field of play.

    Also, we face a long, perhaps generation-long, battle for the survival of our culture and those freedoms (or what is left of them) we so desperately wish to gift unto our children and grandchildren. For us to lose a battle, or several, along the way is inevitable and must be accepted provided we learn from these losses, adjust our strategy and tactics accordingly and ensure that in due course we win the final battle.

    Keep the faith, Bonnie Scotland, we have together done this thing before and we can do it together again provided we accept that it is going to be a long, hard road we march upon and that many will fall by the wayside before journey’s end.

    Rgds, S III

  7. Seneca III you are right about a victory for the wrong people being good for the anti-jihad side, it would shock a lot of people who still think the West has one law for everyone.

    The length of the struggle will probably be the rest of this century, it won’t be solid fighting all that time, and the west won’t win every fight, but in the long run we will win.

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