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7 Replies to “Blazing Cat Fur: Ezra on the Gypsies”

  1. Well that’s a scathing condemnation of gypsies and I believe him. I resent the amount of tax dollars these sam artists are costing us. The money should be spent on seniors who are barely existing way below the poverty line. They’re the people who built this country and they deserve the money & help, NOT some foreigners who have contributed nothing and have come here to TAKE what they can get. The plight of our “below poverty level” seniors is disgusting and should become a priority of the government.

    My question is, where did the 60% + gypsies who abandoned their claims”disappear” to? Hopefully they’re not still in Canada.

  2. The gypsies are believed to originate in India, from where they fled to escape, you’ve guessed it….. Islam.
    However, many gypsies later adopted Islam as their religion, which is probably where they got their thieving, child-abusing traits from.
    So here we have a group of peoples on the run, doing whatever they could to survive, escaping persecution, but also adopting practices of guile, stealth and thievery. These traits have been passed down from generation to generation, necessary back in the Middle Ages, but not required today.
    Some gypsies have tried to escape their backgrounds and have taken up honest livings and have become educated. This however proves Ezra’s point that there is nothing genetic about their behavior and they are capable of making moral choices. Gypsies do not need molly-coddling, they need to be treated according to how they behave. If we can help some of them to start new lives then that’s a good thing, but we still have to punish the ones who behave like criminals.

  3. My family immigrated to Canada in 1950. We had to do it cheaply and our transport was a former WWII American “Liberty Ship” which landed us in Halifax.

    On board was one dark man named Homolka who everyone stayed away from once they found he was a gypsy. This man was the uncle of another infamous scumbag who had the same name.

    Ring a name, anyone? Carla Homolka.

  4. “Softly Bob” says “However, many gypsies later adopted Islam as their religion, which is probably where they got their thieving, child-abusing traits from.”

    That might account for their disgusting culture (thieving aside), particularly their treatment of females, teaching them to dress and dance like whores from a very early age yet demanding they remain “pure” before marriage, marriage at very early age, a violent courtship ritual, marriage is not necessarily forced but females may only marry other gypsies, disdain for education, females only allowed to leave their husband’s home if accompanied and the females life-long job is to cook, clean & breed for her ‘man”.

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