The Stephen Coughlin Briefs.

This will be a sticky post and short of war with Iran, it will likely be the only post for today. I know few people will have the time to watch them all but book mark this page and try and watch them over time. This is exceptional material and is the culmination of a great deal or work by a lot of people.

The videos are in order with the top one, the introduction and summary and ending with the analysis of the OIC. The list follows:

(1) Lectures on National Security & Counterterror Analysis (Introduction) (20:39)

(2) Understanding the War on Terror Through Islamic Law (58:35)

(3) Abrogation and the ‘Milestones’ Process (52:58)

(4) The Muslim Brotherhood, the Arab Spring & the ‘Milestones’ Process (36:54)

(5) The Role of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Enforcing Islamic Law (74:14)

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8 Replies to “The Stephen Coughlin Briefs.”

  1. Thanks for all the work you and your cohorts do serving the counter-jihad movement. I really appreciate it and sure many others do as well. Bravo!

  2. URGENT!

    On the youtube pages for these vids youtube jihdists are getting supporting comments flagged as spam!

    If you agree with this series then go to the youtube pages and make statements of support and thumbs up other statments of support!

    Come on you dogs! Do you want to live forever?!!!

  3. Truthiocity.
    This kind of organized “downvote and flag jihad” on YouTube is old news, however in my opinion it’s not worth too much of our attention. I routinely get high ratings for my “politically incorrect” islam-critical comments, but other fellow “infidel” commenters very often privately inform me that these recently high-rated comments suddenly got “too many negative votes” or “flagged as spam” by the frenzied mob of butthurt mohammedan flaggots.
    Non-muslims are smarter than “YouTube mojahedeen” assume. People easily notice the mohammedan “comment jihad” activity, so in reality these efforts of muslims have the effect completely opposite of the one they expect. It also illustrates how psychologically insecure, intellectually bankrupt and dishonest these islamic maniacs are. “Trolling” the Ummah online is good for the “infidels”, no matter how the mohammedans choose to react.

  4. Watch them more than once, even now.
    Each video will make more sense, but the world will be seen as more senseless.
    At some point dear “leadership,” cluelessness becomes complicity.
    There is war afoot, if we’d only see through the obfuscation.
    Stephen Coughlin–the unimpeachable resource.

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