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3 Replies to “Taliban beheads 17 people for attending 2 gender music festival”

  1. There are peaceful Muslims, there are radical Muslims that prefer not to use violence, there are openly violent and evil Muslims, and then there are the Taliban!
    The troops in Afghanistan should not be mollycoddling them, they should be hunting them down like the vermin they are. Nothing is too vile for these filthy rats. They should be shot on sight, every single one of them!

  2. As Bob not so softly put it, they’re vermin. If I was calling the shots over there, I would have every single captured Taliban and Taliban supporter burned alive, en mass with flame throwers. To Hell with the Hague and Geneva conventions. One or several mass Taliban BBQ’s! They have more than earned it and they certainly deserve it. I try not to hate human beings, but they’re clearly NOT human.

    Put the rats to the torch!

  3. Actually as I understand it, the Geneva convention rules only have to be applied to those who uphold it. As the Taliban not only do not obey those ROE but actually use them to gain advantage they do not, nor have they ever had to be applied to them.

    Which makes Obama’s instructions to actually read Miranda rights to them that much more abhorrent.

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