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3 Replies to “Hamas incitement to kill every jew Aug 19 2012”

  1. “If the “enemy” ( any non-muslim) sets foot upon even a square inch of islamic land, jihad becomes a duty” ….brackets mine/

    Ok since muslims believe the world belongs to them, then they must believe that anyplace is “islamic land”, thus the need for perpetual jihad ( not the spiritual kind).
    Think about it, this (Death to the Jews & death to Americans) is happening in at least 80 % of the mosques (barracks) in North America and more so in the Middle East.

    Yet we import these colonists by the plane load. Preference is actually given to muslim immigrants. Why you ask? Because the UN has declared it so. And what is the largest voting cabal at the UN you ask? The OIC. For those of you who believe the One World Government theory, here is your villain, for those who don’t, we are being colonized by muslims because of the UN & the OIC. Wake the hell up.

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