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17 Replies to “Two Muslim Arab gentlemen actually notice the facts.”

  1. I like how when he asks ‘what have we ever given them?’, the other guy replies, “oil, and the religion of Islam.”
    Oil, yes, we need that, but you didn’t really give it us as such, we just bought it off you because you didn’t have a clue what to do with it. The religion of Islam, well thanks, but you can keep it!
    I’ve seen this man before (the smart one) and he has criticized Saudi culture before. I’m surprised that he’s still alive to be honest with you!

  2. I am surprised that he still alive also.

    I do see where George Galloway’s 3rd wife came out against polygamy. She said such a practice was legitimate only in tomes of war & there were high casualties among males. My point is is that some Muslims speka out. Too few it seems to sway the masses.

    Anyway She is 53 so she doesn’t have much to lose by speaking out at this time. She bore Georgie 2 sons & Georgie repaid he by committing bigamy by marrying a woman in Holland.

    Do Brits have no shame? I wonder. I really wonder. This is a high profile politician. In the past he has been censored by parliament. But every major newspaper carried news of his bigamy & he was not arrested. Has he not stepped foot back in England?

    First, it will be George. then it will be a millionaire. Then it will be some upper middle class guy. Then it will be people of every class.

  3. How has he staid alive this long? He is out there telling the truth about Islam and the Arabs and doing it in nations that are controlled by the strict Islamists.

  4. I have never heard, from any Muslim, a deep understanding of the connection, and its many threads, between the Ancient West and the Modern West. For him, the West makes sense, in spite of its not being his culture, and it does because he understands it.
    As for the relationship between China, Japan and the West, both nations are still not Western, and China, if anything, is at a kind of cold war with the West.
    It’s a good thing to hear, but I hope his words aren’t dropping like stones.

  5. Quote:
    This man is a modern day Averroes. People like him is what the world needs more then anything right now.

    Amen, sir.

  6. He is staying alive, I guess, because he’s smart enough not to criticise Islam or the Saudi regime. Did you notice him say that oil came from Allah?
    It’s only a matter of time before he goes too far and says too much. I expect he’s ruffled a few feathers already!

  7. Lets not keep asking,”how the hell is he still alive”,?? the longer he’s alive the longer he can spread his thoughts and views,lets not tempt fate.

  8. I’m not surprised in the least. Saudi intellectuals aren’t all durkitty durks. There is a variety of opinion and political belief there but only one stance is currently empowered.

    That’s not to say they deserve any sympathy. These people know better and still let their fellow countrimen do considerable damage to the peace of the world.

  9. Damn…I have a hard time admitting this BUT they’re not alone. This video is just another of many that shows the tide is changing…albeit slowly.

    Come on…he said “reasoning” & everyone knows that islam cannot survive once they start reasoning about it.


  10. Actually there are quite a few arab guys like this. Some of them are really fiery and trash anything an interviewer says in defence with extreme prejudice. Quite a few arab intellectuals are so alive and awake to the disgrace that they are that it pains them and makes them speak out. However, you will notice he does not say anything against the ruling family of the country he is in and perhaps he himself is high enough not to have to worry to much. I am sure there is a measure of free speech allowed in some ME hell holes as long as the words do not say anything against Islam or the ruling family. Also I could not really find anything to disagree about. Seems like me and the rag head agree. Strange! It had to happen some time!

  11. I think the other factor is that so many westerners do the brain work and the asian slaves do the labour work in these ME hell holes that it is true to say that arabs are the laziest and least productive people in the world; and so some people notice and they speak out. People can check other similar videos on the MEMRI channel on youtube. Some of them are so fiery that it is hard to believe that you are listening to such self critical speeches.
    Even Indians who form a large part of the slave population are getting in the act of showing what hard work can do if one makes oneself go to that worthy end. Landmark group chairman in Dubai Micky Jagtiani built a business with an estimated wealth of $3.2bn.
    So with slaves taking up the bottom jobs and the mainly Western employees taking up the higher end jobs what is an arab to do? Go to the government for a job where he can be paid for not doing much. Or just go on welfare. Then there is jihad of course. It is a frustrating time for Arabs and hence this guy who has done similar speeches before is getting a hearing as people wonder what will happen after the oil runs out. Government planners have tried all kinds of strategies without success to empower the local population but it looks like that they are being totally replaced in the UAE and Quatar where over nintey/ ninety five percent of the people are foreigners. To even meet a person who is Quatari is difficult in Quatar. Some people from Turkey tried it a while back and it took them ages to meet one Quatari. I remember reading an article about they had written about it a while back.

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