Unnamed immigrants utterly trash a community center built for them in Sweden

An original translation by Michael Laudahn

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A classic excuse for why young criminals commit crimes and, generally speaking, behave anti-socially is that they don’t have a meeting place, an explanatory model which many criminologists – who got their title as a christmas gift – like to reinforce [whenever thre is a chance]. But if they do have a meeting place and therefore no more excuse, then they can still smash it, in order to retrieve their excuse. This is the way they did it in the multicultural Öxnehaga area, Huskvarna Sweden.

When staff arrived for work, monday morning at the Forum recreation centre, they were met by smashed tables and chairs, broken windows and mirrors, and a totally destroyed tv set lying on the floor. The kitchen looked like a battlefield, food had been thrown all over the floor, china broken, and deep-freezer and refrigerator knocked over. The entire recreation area was a total loss. 

The vandalism happened during the night from saturday to sunday. When their work was done, the vandals took with them – as the icing on the cake – the place’s billiard balls, which they then used to break the window panes of the school next-door. Also the health care centre at the area was exposed to vandalism. 

Staff and management who are intervewed by jnytt.se show themselves wondering how someone can do such a thing. That this could have something to do with the exclusion created by decades of a failed immigration and integration policy, this thought does of course again not cross anyone’s mind, neither those interviewed nor jnytt’s editors.  

[Original source http://www.jnytt.se/nyhet/49124/fritidsgard-totalforstord—allt-har-slagits-sonder (more images)]

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  1. Who could do such a thing? Guess they haven’t been to the local zoo. Anyone who’s gone through the Safari can tell you the monkey exhibit is always the worst. Hypothetical bent car antenna, actual trashed kitchen, basically the same thing. No real reason, just basal primate instincts. Hopefully the multi-culties learn that before its too late.

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