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6 Replies to “Lebanese crime family intimidates court reporter.”

  1. The Lebanese are surely the original mafia; they were the Muslim Arabs who sailed to Sicily, Malta, Corsica , Southern Italy and south of France and set up slave trading stations and other criminal enterprises
    “The local population conquered by the Muslims were Romanized Catholic Sicilians in Western Sicily and partially Greek speaking Christians, mainly in the eastern half of the island, but there were also a significant number of Jews. [7] These conquered people were afforded a limited freedom of religion under the Muslims as dhimmi, but were subject to some restrictions. The dhimmi were also required to pay the jizya, or poll tax, and the kharaj or land tax”: protection money

  2. cassandra after the Moslems were kicked out of Sicily Norman knight set themselves up as feudal lords, the original Mafia started as a resistance movement against them.

    This type of intimidation is common in the Middle East, it is not surprising that the crime families are bringing it to Europe and probably North America.

  3. There’s only one good outcome for these disgusting, arrogant, horse-faced supremacists and the sooner the better. They will never stop intimidating to get their way on their own.

  4. gorgo if the current situation continues much longer the world as we know it is dead, while there is still hope for civilization there is a very real possibility that we are in the opening decades of a new Dark Age. Dark Ages seem to follow a civilizational collapse, by this I mean when the leading civilization stops acting according to its traditional morals and principles. When the politicians start looking for personal power rather then for what is best for their nation.

    If we are entering a new Dark Age this won’t mean that scientific discovery and new technology will be stopped, but the dark side of the tech will become prominent rather then the positive side.

  5. If Muslim immigration isn’t stopped, throw-backs like these guys could be coming to a nice small town neighborhood like yours, and mine.

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