Muslims beat up cops in Denmark

If you wish a moment of mild amusement, click over to the original source and do a google translate and look at the headline Ekstrabladet used for this story.

Original translation by Michel Laudahn:

From Ekstrabladet

Saurday night, a group of youngsters attacked police officers on Blågårdsgade, [central] Copenhagen, while they were busy checking a car. 

The officers used pepper spray and pulled a gun to defend themselves, according to Københavns Politi.

‘A group came walking from night prayers at a Baggesensgade mosque, throwing objects at the patrol’, says watch-chef Henrik Oryé 

He says the patrol was only in that street for a routine check of a car. 

Information on what kind of objects were thrown, a few minutes before three, are not at his disposal. 

‘We were in contact with the imam and other pertinent staff, and they deplored the incident’, says the vagtchef.

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  1. The youths will get a pat on the back and a lolly each for assaulting the infidel, this is the true face of islam, no matter how much condemming is done it will continue to happen while governments are to shit scared to do anything

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