The strategy for utilizing Iranians living in Canada for the benefit of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

The following is our English translation of a Persian article from ‘Radio Farda’, an Iranian news agency about a report of Abolfazl Eslami,  an ex-diplomat from Iran working at the embassy in Japan who reveals that Iran uses embassies to recruit and interfere in Iranian and Muslim lives for their own benefit. In his report, Abolfazl Eslami indicates that he will release a more detailed report in the coming days.

Also this report does not seem to have any concrete evidence or better documentation to back up the allegations. The only fact that gives the report any credence is that the writer himself was a former Iranian diplomat.

Shabnam and for Shadi

Word by word translation of the article by~ Shadi Paveh and Shabnam Assadollahi


The strategy for utilizing Iranians living in Canada for the benefit of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Reprted by Abolfazl Eslami , ex-Diplomat of Iran

For the past two years the author of the article had observed how the Iranians living in Canada are being utilized by the (Iranian) Intelligent Services, Zahra Kazemi’s killing at Evin prison, the sabotaging of the case, the direct involvement of the prosecutor, Judge Mortazavi in closing of the case and utilizing Iranians living in Canada in regards to this case.

Abolfazl Eslami (Ex- Diplomat of Iran), in a two part report describes how the Iranians residing in Canada are being utilized for the advantage of the IRI regime.

Part one:

In his recent statement, the Cultural Attaché of the Islamic republic of Iran in Canada  the use of Iranians residing in Canada for the interest of the regime was mentioned  which resulted in a very strong criticism by the Canadian government; to the extent that the closing of the Embassy was brought up and the bank accounts of some Iranian-Canadians were closed.

Although Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, and Sheikh Hassani’s Charge d’Affaires hastily denied utilizing the Iranians residing in Canada for the regime’s interests, but the truth is that the Islamic Republic has been present in Canada and other countries for years, and has veraciously perused using the Iranians abroad for its own gain but because of the sensitivity of government agencies the politics of this have been kept confidential and secret thus so far no documents have been leaked.

Now that Hamid Mohammadi, the Cultural Attaché, after years let the curtain drop and unveiled one of the sealed secrets of the regime with his remarks, and because of public opinion the government of Canada criticized the Islamic Republic, it is necessary to do a report on the details and methods of how Iranians and Muslim immigrants are being used so that those Iranians and Muslim immigrants who have no knowledge of the regime’s intentions and motives are educated about every which way that they can be taken advantage of and are warned.

In the beginning of the report it has to be explained that this strategy was engineered at the Ministry of Intelligence and the methods of its implementation were prepared and circulated to Embassies in a secret document through joint meetings of representatives of Ali Khameni’s office, Ministry of Intelligence, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Ministry of Islamic Cultural Communications and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The above mentioned organizations stress that the enemy under the guise of human rights, plots terrorism and mass destruction against the Islamic Republic and for this reason the regime must use every possibility/opportunity to use the Iranians and Muslim immigrants in Canada for resistance.

Therefore, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and Intelligence Ministry implement the objective of this strategy under the pretext of Iranian and Islamic cultural activities and ceremonies, even opening of non-profit schools, in order to identify and influence Iranians and Muslims immigrants living in Canada.

In this strategy the Islamic Republic emphasizes that: The Canadian government has always co-operated with the American government in political affairs and human rights and has behaved negatively towards the Islamic Republic; so attention must be given to the large number of Iranians and Muslim immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other Islamic countries to Canada which provide proper platform to use these people for neutralizing the negative behavior of Canada against the Islamic Republic.

Ways to use existing opportunities in Canada:

In this project it has always been emphasized that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Intelligence should never miss any opportunity to thwart enemy plots and threats.  Each opportunity must be used to increase and strengthen the regime’s supporters politically, economically, culturally, legislatively, press, etc. and attract those neutral persons who have not taken sides, and put taking maximum advantage into action.

Mr. Mohammadi Golpayegani the Head of the Office of Abroad Student Affairs and the Representative Institutions, Ministry of Intelligence, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Ministry of Islamic Cultural Communications, the Office Student Bursaries Abroad, and many other organizations have involvement in this project and prevent duplicating situations/events and they all under one central head office that oversees the affairs of the Iranians abroad.

The cultural attaché in Ottawa has a vital role in taking optimum advantage of the Iranians and Muslims living in Canada. under the guise of cultural events and activities many Iranians and Muslim immigrants especially the leaders of the clergy in Mosques, Islamic leaders, those very capable, in political places with connections, economical, cultural, educational and those in governmental agencies are identified through various methods and the information is entered in a file for each individual.

In this regard it is noteworthy that in computer software, the most detailed personal and job information of the Iranians and Muslim immigrants, the level of their political and economical influence in the host country is collected over time and recorded, so that those who are influential can be used to influence the Canadian government’s negative image of the Islamic regime, the priorities are to communicate and to influence governmental decision-making process through their influence. Other ways they utilize and use the Iranians and Muslim immigrants is for their economical, commercial (financial), technical, and engineering capabilities for the benefit of the regime.

The most important point in collecting the private information on people is the secret and confidential nature of it so that suspicions are not aroused. Agents under the guise of cultural events and the Consulate Affairs put together the smallest details like a pieces to a puzzle from different sources.


The role of Chamber of Commerce between Iran and Canada both in investment and commerce, is of particular importance as the sending away of the regime’s supporters for commercial advantage the regime in Canada.


An incredible, unbelievable fact is that the (Iran’s) cultural consulates working abroad are directly supervised by delegates from Khamenei’s office, and are so costly, maladaptive and inconsistent with diplomatic affairs, which in many cases has led to dissatisfaction with ambassadors and diplomats.

In order to go in the direction of resolving the conflict, the Foreign Affairs office was forced to give a warning to the Embassies and diplomats of the dire situation through joint meetings and secret sent cables. The central government’s expectations of the embassies is to find the weakness of  that country and to increase the regime’s supporters politically, economically, culturally, parliamentary and press wise in order to work out the problems and difficulties due to special circumstances in the country ( Iran) and  not to give up or surrender.

There have been many times that cables were sent to embassies and ambassadors telling them not to give in to daily misery, to pay attention to their important responsibilities and not to waste time. They were also threatened that if they were not capable of performing their duties a decision would be made to end their mission and replace them.

Concrete evidence of non-diplomatic activities of the regime, the taking advantage of the Iranians residing in Canada, and how their families are pressured in Iran is the subject to the next article.


How the strategy of using Iranians residing in Canada implemented? 


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