Mandatory mosque visits unconstitutional, according to Vlaams Belang

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During the past school year in Belgium, numerous parents and students complained about the so-called ‘community lessons’, which include mandatory visits to mosques during school hours. The patriotic Vlaams Belang party calls these obligatory excursions into the world of islam unconstitutional. Therefore, Filip Dewinter  appeals to parents to keep their children at home during such excursions.

Concerning this matter, parents of students in Antwerp, Ghent, Eeklo and Aarschot had already been in touch with Vlaams Belang. Schools often organise visits to mosques during so-called ‘community lessons’, and regularly in connection with various ‘pedagogic projects’.

Students refusing to participate in such excursions, and supported by their parents, are noted as being ‘absent without leave’, sometimes even punished. However, this procedure is in a manifest contradiction to the belgian constitution’s article 20, which states: ‘Nobody can be forced, in whatever manner, to participate in rites and festivities of a cult, or to respect its holidays.’   

During these visits, certain subjects are shamefully concealed, like the inequality in islam among men and women, the very problematic relationship between islam and human rights, or the frequently exercised religious coercion. Therefore, Filip Dewinter organizes an action called ‘Let the children stay at home’, declaring: ‘If a school wishes to organize such visits, then they ought to take place outside regular school lessons, and any participation ought to be voluntary. I appeal to parents of flemish students to not make them participate in visits to mosques, because these are equal to a shameful islamic indoctrination of the students.’ Likewise, Dewinter addressed a written inquiry to education minister Pascal Smet, complaining about mandatory mosque visits.

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7 Replies to “Mandatory mosque visits unconstitutional, according to Vlaams Belang”

  1. I kept my daughter away from the her classroom visit to a mosque.They wanted all the girls to cover their heads and wear trousers. No chance!
    I also went to see the headmistress of the school as the local authority is using education packs bought from the Muslim Council of Britain and the UK Islamic mission. I was concerned due to the above groups links to funding jihad and educational Dawaa section promoting the downfall western democratic secular government. The head teacher looked at me with amazement when I told her big Mo went and married a 6 yr old and had sex with her when she was 9. They had forgot to put that into the education pack and the head said they could not possibly tell a 9 yr old that…………exactly I said. They put in what they want you to know and not all the blood curdling,child molesting, Jew hating bits.
    The education pack cost £340 x 24 primary schools. I had to obtain this info through the freedom of information act as the head of education in the local authority did not once reply to my emails. I received a letter saying that the utmost had been done to vet where the information for the pack came from ,which of course was utter rubbish as everyone I spoke to on the matter knew less about Islam than my daughter now does.
    I took the matter to a local conservative councilor who soon after said he could not do anything about it as he would be stepping on too many toes.

    So, the article above will be true, except that it is happening in Belgium while I am in Scotland. The only action one can take is to not allow your kids to go.So they get a mark against them for being absent.o what! Better that than kneeling down to what is no better than a cult.

  2. Not many muzzies in Scotland though. Last time I went to Glasgow to see my brother I do no even remember seeing one hijab. Oh I tell a lie I did see a couple of them in Paisley. For some reason Scotland is bit more fortunate than England when it comes to Muzzies. Anyway well done for letting the head teacher know what you know.When people learn about the peadophile thing with mohammad then no amount of propaganda will cover the disgust people feel at that particular wretched man.

  3. Don,
    Isn’t Galloway from Scotland? I hope he don’t turn it into a muzzie ghetto. Those moslems women who covered their face or head in public are obviously more obvious than those who don’t but still they are equally dangerous to our nonbelievers freedom.

  4. Once again muzzies shoving their unwanted shit down our throats, i’d like to see what they would do if the school went to a christian church????

  5. Galloway is from Scotland but he is based in London. He is a convert to islam but keeps that almost secret. A notorious racist he appeals mainly to muslims. I doubt he would make much of an impact on Scotland. Scotland is pretty free of muzzies from the look of things.

    Even though I am from England I do like Scotland and I really like their wonderful story poem called Thomas the Rymer or True Thomas.

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