Muslim Brotherhood establishes militia inside Syria


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 The Muslim Brotherhood has established its own militia inside Syria as the country’s rebels fracture between radical Islamists and their rivals, commanders and gun-runners have told The Daily Telegraph.

Syria: Assad regime launches new offensive against rebels as the UN talks

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Syrian refugees at the Turkey- Syria border in Hatay Photo: EPA

By , Richard Spencer in Beirut

6:48PM BST 03 Aug 2012

Calling itself the “Armed Men of the Muslim Brotherhood”, the militia has a presence in Damascus as well as opposition hot spots like Homs and Idlib. One of their organisers, who called himself Abu Hamza, said that he started the movement along with a member of the Syrian National Council (SNC), the opposition alliance.

“We saw there were civilians with weapons inside, so we decided to co-operate with them and put them under one umbrella,” he said.

Hossam Abu Habel, whose late father was in Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s, said that he raised $40-50,000 (£25,000-£32,000) a month to supply Islamist militias in Homs province with weapons and other aid.

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  1. Yep, the “secular”,” peaceful” muslim brotherhood is meekly standing by ready to offer any necessary “assistance”…………. and pigs fly..

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