Iran commander: We have reached a sensitive, fateful stage

Jerusalem Post:

Commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Mohammad Jafari warns against West’s “soft war” attacks; Ayatollah Jannati says Iran in midst of “economic crisis,” warns country will not succumb to sanctions.

Mohammad JafariPhoto: REUTERS/Stringer Iran

Members of Iran’s top leadership brass on Friday expressed concern about the state of the Islamic Republic as its economy continues to spiral due to international sanctions.

“We have reached a very sensitive and fateful stage,” said General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC), in a message posted on the IRGC website.

Jafari’s comments came amid an uptick in public discussions over a potential Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that US-led sanctions and diplomatic efforts have had no impact on the Iranian nuclear program, and warned that time is running out to peacefully resolve the issue.

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  1. The world is running out of time to stop Iran, soon they will have nukes and will use them, the Iranian leaders think there has to be hell on earth before the Mahdi returns and they are willing to see Iran destroyed to bring about the return.

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